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The UC-1 Type Certificate is for sale
I have the UC-1 Twin Bee type certificate.  I'm wanting to sell it and asking $21,500 USD for it.
Contact Don Dewey 678-230-7953 or

Mr. Brinson is in desperate need of the upper connecting rod bushings. Franklin P/N 13625.
Contact him if you have 6 of each.
Jesse Brinson
Southern Aero, LLC
147 Commercial Park Drive
Thomasville, NC  27360
336-476-9094 or
NEW and improved Tow Bar for our Seabees!
Long-time member Dr. Henry Chapeskie made an inexpensive, effective, lightweight tow bar that we all need!
See it here:
Do you know what's lurking under your Hydraulic pump (PowerPac) reservoir? If you have never changed your hydralic fluid, this procedure may help. See it here.
Oshkosh 2015 video
You can see it here
New! Seabee DVD now on USB Flash Drive!
Same price and plenty of room for your own files.
Check it out here...
Check your tail wheel microswitch security.
This has happened more than once and it can ruin your day!
NEW PAGE! Old Seabee photos from members.
Check your Main Gear Fork! A couple of reports are in this article. Some surprise info here:
Main Gear Fork Failure
For all you Franklin Engine owners; if you are in need of cylinder liners from LA Cylinder, contact Jerome at
Jerome is putting a large order together and the price goes down with more orders. These cylinder liners are not your fathers liners! Modifications have been made to make them much better than original liners.
Check out the newest Seabee Service Center
KSS Aviation (click here)
Highly recommended by the membership!
Too much play in your control wheel? Click here to see the procedure for fixing it.
Also Control Column U-joint replacement.
If you get an email from, it is a scam! This guy (or girl) uses Seabee photos and claims to be selling them! It may be yours! Be careful.
The EAA has done us a big solid! Parts replacement for vintage aircraft. Read EAA annnouncement here!
Read VARMA procedure here.
Easy air rudder locks! About $10. Read it here.
Another Seabee rises from the ashes
Hey there, we are a group in Ottawa, Canada, who are working on rebuilding Republic RC3 Seabee CF-FOY s/n 747 to try and get it back to an airworthy condition. We really appreciate your website as it has been a world of information for us and it's amazing to see the same appreciation for this one specific aircraft type that all of us who are a part of this project share. We would love to share the progress of this project with you. Here is the link to our website: As well if you wouldn't mind sharing this to other possible seabee enthusiasts to try and raise awareness for the project that would mean a lot to us.
Search the Seabee website!
This is a tip from member Bruce Hinds.
Type this in your web browser:
"___________ site:"
Fill in the blank with, "Brakes, landing gear, hydraulics, etc." and a space between your word and 'site'.
For example:
hydraulics site:
Hint: type in the "blank" word in your browser then copy and paste the Seabee site above. Your browser will then list most of the articles on those subjects from the Seabee website.
Note: You will also get links from other websites but the first listings will be from here.

(I'll try to get a search bar going as soon as I figure it out)

Send us your Float Strut Mirror Selfies!
You can see them here

Bruce Hinds' Newsletters
Bruce Hinds Corner
Most of Bruce Hinds Newsletters
Newsletter from member Bruce Hinds with very good Seabee informa
tion. Bruce Hinds sent me most of the missing Newsletters! Thanks Bruce. Lots of reading to do!!
(Most missing Newsletters Added) 7/13/2017
Member KC Ostronik at Seabee Heaven!
Member Bill Janus photos, nice!
Billy Janus Billy Janus Billy Janus
Billy Janus Billy Janus Billy Janus flying with girlfriend Julia (Jim Poel's) in his Seabee. Glad to see it's flying regularly. Thanks for the photos Billy!

Photos by Billy Janus and Ruth Ducharme
New member Michael Tragarz
Michael Tragarz
Restoration complete!


Before you buy, do a pre-buy inspection. Download it here.
Also, DO A TITLE SEARCH! (Available from AOPA or SPA)

AOPA Aero-Space Reports,  800-765-2336
3-10-2017: AOPA just released an article on Title Searches. You can read it here.
About Seabees
Seabee Specs, History, Seabee Club
(Added Seabee Features article)
Oshkosh Photos
Seabees and members at Oshkosh 2015 and Oshkosh 2016.
Old Seabee Photos
Seabee photos from members. Send us your photos!
Float Strut Selfies or "Look at me!"
Photos of float strut mirror images. We know you've taken one so send it in!
Email to Steve at
Safety Tips
Tips on how not to crash! These are offered up from the membership and your input is always welcome.
Who knows, we might just bring down insurance costs!

(Added Rudder Control Horn fix article)
Members - Updated! Member locations added!
Alphabetical listing, Websites, e-mail, Join!
(Added  Christoph Tanner, Added Lawrence Pavlinovic)
Cartoon, Fun Reading, and Articles
(Added Jim and Dete's Seabee article, Added "How the Seabee Works")
Tributes to 'Super' Bee people past and present
(Frank Scully, Henry Ruzakowski)
Maintenance and Reference Materials
FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet A-769
Airframe AD's
Engine, Propeller, Accessory AD's
Republic Service Bulletins
Republic Dealer and Distributor's Bulletins (Missing Bulletins Added!!)
Republic Seabee Parts List
CAA (FAA) Flight Manuals
337's (updated 8-20-2021)
Republic Service Instructions
(Added hydraulic fluid article, Updated Trim article)
Tips and Tricks
Tips, tricks, part substitutions, etc. for our Seabees               
(Added Franklin Prop Jack) 3/3/2024
Drawings (factory when available) of Seabee parts.
Send me your drawings! We'll post them for everyone.               
(Added Water Rudder Spring)
Products for Seabees and Pilot Organizations               
(Added Aircraft Components Gear System)
Recommended Services
Seabee owner's recommendations for Seabee services!            
(Added KSS Aviation, Added Franklin Engine)
Parts for Sale (or Parts wanted!) Free Listing!
Airframe, Engine, Propeller, Avionics and anything Seabee!!
(Added Bruce Hinds parts, Removed obsolete ads)
Instructors, Associates, Articles, and Training Aids
(Removed Hangar A, Updated Training Guide)
Seabee Store (Support the Seabee Club!)
Hats, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Patches, CD's, USB drives etc.

(Price increase)

Browse our list of 4 Seabee's For Sale and 6 Seabee projects.

Should I buy a Seabee? Questions and answers for first time buyers.

(N6175K sold, N6483K sold, Added Sam Sarns, Added Neil Kennedy)
Flyins, Interesting stories, photos, etc.
Oshkosh 2015 Photos

Oshkosh 2016 Photos
(Added Platt Hubbell photos)

Newsletters, Dealer and Distributor bulletins. If you are interested in the production history, read these! 

They are fascinating.


Websites of interest to Seabee owners. Weather, parts, airport information.
(Moved Aircraft Components to Products page)
Seabee Questions and Answers
Franklin Questions and Answers
Your questions answered by members!

(Updated Russ Aircraft adapter rings)
Contact Steve at
All Seabee Manuals on DVD and USB Drive!
Click here for details

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Updated June 30, 2024  (Added KC photo, Lower UC-1 Type Certificate price, Parts for Sale updated, N6483K sold, Removed obsolete ads from Parts for Sale, Removed request for ignition harness)