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International customers please note:
Due to the rising cost of shipping, we can no longer honor the "free shipping" on internatonal orders from the Seabee Store. We can still ship your items but we must add a realistic shipping charge. It pains us to do this but we have to cover our costs. Shipping inside the U.S. will still be honored as "Free Shipping". We can make arrangements for international shipping costs. Thank you all for your understanding.
(As an example, shipping to British Columbia, Canada for a Seabee T-shirt costs $29.56!)
Warning: The web site may have been hacked!
I received a notice from a member that he got an email with the Seabee Club logo and a link to click on.
This web site does not send out mass emails nor do we solicite for money for any reason! We only respond to individual emails and never provide links to uknown files. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date. The web site email is: or
Any other email address is phony!!
Check your Lycoming GO-480 gearbox backlash
(article sent by Bruce Hinds, thanks!)
New! Just added Lycoming GO-480 parts lists.
All engines. See them here.
What if your landing gear won't lock down?
Check P/N 1112. Click here for the article.
 An answer to the boat (ship) with a Seabee on it!
Mr. Montgomery's great great aunt used to own it!
He says:


I noticed a question on the Seabee website asking about this photograph. The yacht was named Brezzin Thru and belonged to my great great aunt, Leila Post Montgomery. The vessel was originally constructed as a U.S. Navy patrol boat and later converted to a pleasure yacht. It foundered in a hurricane in 1950. The wreck is located in Kingston Harbor, Jamaica.

 Best regards,
Larry Montgomery"
Very interesting
Overhaul your Electrol 430 Hydraulic PowerPac
See details here
FAA has issued a SAIB for cable connections!
Although it may not apply to our Seabees, it may be worth it to look at your terminal ends on the control cables. Read the bulletin here (PDF).
Failures were hidden under the safety wire!
Member Eucid Benoit makes news!
Euclid Benoit
We have just started our Eastern Canada Seabee tour and it looks like we with my Seabee will be the guests of honour at the 80th anniversary celebration of transatlantic flying boat operations at Botwood Newfoundland on August 5. Article below (PDF):

Great job Euclid! A great testament to the Seabee's ability.
(and your team's)
Wingman Bruce Hinds and Lead Tom Hoag fly formation
Formation Video
Click on photo for video (MP4)
Thanks Tom!
Send us your Float Strut Mirror Selfies!
You can see them here

Bogus offers!!
If you get an email from it's BOGUS!! Offers have been made on parts to more than one member but they refuse to forward their location and they want bank account information.
Don't answer emails from them.
(It just happened again on 10-31-2016!)

Bruce Hinds' Newsletters
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Bruce Hinds Corner
Most of Bruce Hinds Newsletters
Newsletter from member Bruce Hinds with very good Seabee informa
tion. Bruce Hinds sent me most of the missing Newsletters! Thanks Bruce. Lots of reading to do!!
(Most missing Newsletters Added) 7/13/2017
Our newest member Mark Byrd
Mark Byrd
Mark's Twin Bee is S/N 22. Second to last one made.
Welcome aboard Mark!
Member Eucid Benoit and crew do it again!
Euclid Benoit
First Flying Boat at Botwood, Newfoundland in years. Read the article here (PDF). Very interesting.
Red Dragon found!!

Mr. Scott Schroeder from Michigan sent this article to us. Very interesting. Most of you are familiar with the "Red Dragon" painting below.
Well, this is that Seabee!
Thank you Scott!

Red Dragon Before
Red Dragon
(Click on images for full size view)
Scott says, "Hello Steve, I am an aviation enthusiast, not a pilot, that used to fly alot with my brother in law. I finished and got through ground school but was not able to continue on to get my license.  I am heavily involved at my local airport in Michigan and I have been doing research on a Seabee a friend of mine here used to own. The demonstrator aircraft serial #108 known as the Red Dragon. My friend Scott owned the plane back in the early 90's and I was intrigued when he started talking about the history of that particular plane. I have found information on almost everything he has told me about except he mentioned a terrible crash involving the plane that heavily damaged it. He stated there was a notation in the log book regarding the repairs but all it stated was something to the effect of "replaced hull and wings". I was hoping you may know something about this incident.  I have attached a picture of the New York news article he has showing the damaged aircraft that matches the paint scheme of 108 but there is no mention of the serial number or registration number in the story.#108 is still here at a local airport close by but was damaged in a hanger fire. I have not looked at it myself so I'm not sure of the extent of the damage.
Sincerely, Scott Schroeder
Mecosta County Michigan"
If anyone knows about Scott's request, let me know and I'll post it.
Need a Seaplane Rating? Refresher? Check out Jones Brothers here.
Jones Brothers
Before you buy, do a pre-buy inspection. Download it here.
Also, DO A TITLE SEARCH! (Available from AOPA or SPA)

AOPA Aero-Space Reports,  800-765-2336
3-10-2017: AOPA just released an article on Title Searches. You can read it here.
About Seabees
Seabee Specs, History, Seabee Club
(Added Seabee Design Analysis, Added Seabee Production List)
Oshkosh Photos
Seabees and members at Oshkosh 2015 and Oshkosh 2016.
Float Strut Selfies or "Look at me!"
Photos of float strut mirror images. We know you've taken one so send it in!
Email to Steve at
Safety Tips
Tips on how not to crash! These are offered up from the membership and your input is always welcome.
Who knows, we might just bring down insurance costs!

(Added Rudder Control Horn fix article)
Members - Updated! Member locations added!
Alphabetical listing, Websites, e-mail, Join!
(Added Frank Walker, Added Christian Schulthess, Added Mark byrd)
Cartoon, Fun Reading, and Articles
(Added "How the Seabee Works", Added 6-cylinder Counterweight article)
Tributes to 'Super' Bee people past and present
(Richie Brumm)
Maintenance and Reference Materials
FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet A-769
Airframe AD's
Engine, Propeller, Accessory AD's
Republic Service Bulletins
Republic Dealer and Distributor's Bulletins (Missing Bulletins Added!!)
Republic Seabee Parts List
CAA (FAA) Flight Manuals
337's (updated 5-4-2018)
Republic Service Instructions
(Added gearbox article, Added H-Bracket article, Added Wing-adectomy)
Tips and Tricks
Tips, tricks, part substitutions, etc. for our Seabees               
(Added Tail Wheel Squeezer) 5/13/2018
Drawings (factory when available) of Seabee parts.
Send me your drawings! We'll post them for everyone.               
(Added Landing Gear Lever Locking Rod)
Products for Seabees and Pilot Organizations               
(Added Aircraft Components Gear System)
Recommended Services
Seabee owner's recommendations for Seabee services!            
(Added Franklin Engine, Added Carolina Aero Tech)
Parts for Sale (or Parts wanted!) Free Listing!
Airframe, Engine, Propeller, Avionics and anything Seabee!!
(Added Frank Walker parts, Added Hartzell Prop)
Instructors, Associates, Articles, and Training Aids
(Removed Hangar A, Updated Training Guide)
Seabee Store (Support the Seabee Club!)
Hats, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Patches, CD's, Toolbags, Coffee Mugs, Floor Mat, etc.

(Removed Reeves Books and Plug Kit, Coffee Mugs sold out)

Browse our list of 5 Seabee's For Sale and 3 Seabee projects.

Should I buy a Seabee? Questions and answers for first time buyers.

(Added Bob Congdon, Added Bruce Bishop's project)
Flyins, Interesting stories, photos, etc.
Oshkosh 2015 Photos

Oshkosh 2016 Photos
(Added Bruce Bishop photo, "Dragon" Bee)

Newsletters, Dealer and Distributor bulletins. If you are interested in the production history, read these! 

They are fascinating.


Websites of interest to Seabee owners. Weather, parts, airport information.
(Moved Aircraft Components to Products page)
Seabee Questions and Answers
Franklin Questions and Answers
Your questions answered by members!

(Updated Russ Aircraft adapter rings)
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All Seabee Manuals on DVD!
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