Oshkosh 2016
"The year of the Martin Mars"
The Martin Mars
(Photo by Isaac Adler)

Below is the list of Seabee owners attending the 2016 Airventure: (in no particular order)

Bill Bardin - New York (Our fearless leader)
Steve Mestler - South Carolina
Miller Monarch - Kentucky
Don Johnson - Texas
Bruce Douglas - Wisconsin (Seabee and Royal Gull)
John Cuny - Washington State
Edgar "ET" Tello - North Carolina
Bob, Craig and Penny Woodberry - Virginia
Del Martin - Texas (didn't fly his Seabee there)
If you know you came and are not listed, let me know.

Below are some photos of Oshkosh 2016. Photo credit is given when known. If you have photos of Oshkosh 2016, send them to me and I will gladly post them!
(Click on images below for full view)
Miller Monarch
Member Miller Monarch with Mars (photo by Steve Mestler)

Early morning baloon ride
Bill Bardin
Bill Bardin
John Cuny
John Cuny
Martin Mars at Seaplane Base
Martin Mars with Miller Monarch
Marty B
Marty B at Oshkosh airport
Chicago from the Ol' Marty B
going home
Previous 8 photos by Steve Mestler John Cuny Mars
John Cuny and the Mars
ET and Bruce D.
Edgar "ET" Tello and Bruce Douglas
Previous 2 photos by John Cuny
Steve preflighting the Marty B before the Mars aerial photo shoot
Mars at seaplane base
Mars from above
Circling the Mars in the bay
Previous 4 photos by Isaac Adler
Mars from ET
Mars from member ET's Seabee (photo by Sarah Williams)
ET with Mars
Member ET with Mars
(Photo by Richie Brumm)
Next eight photos/videos by
Bruce Douglas
Bruce D and ET
Bruce Douglas and ET
Bruce over Mars
Bruce circling Mars
Bruce Douglas
Bruce at Seaplane Base
Bruce before Takeoff at OSH
Bruce in line for takeoff at OSH
Landing at OSH
Bruce landing at OSH (MOV file)
Bruce on final
Final approach at OSH (MOV)
Mars landing (MOV file)
Bruce at Seaplane Base (MOV)
Thanks Bruce!
Blank Miller Miller Previous 2 photos by member Herb Sherwin. Thanks Herb!
Send me your Oshkosh photos!


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Updated November 1, 2016 (Added Miller photos, Added Del Martin to attendance list, Added photo credit to ET photo, Added Bruce Douglas files, Added ET photo)