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Seabee kits Seabee model kits for sale

For sale two G&P Seabee kits
Both kits look to be complete.
The kit includes two fiberglass fuselages, fiberglass engine cowls and wing floats, 4 wing foam cores, (2 cores per wing) lift struts, control horns, hinges, screws, two full size plans, and bolts, and all necessary wood. Also included is hardware for a wheel retract system and plastic window insert. (These were optional accessories)
Would like to get $450 plus shipping for both kits.
1/6 scale
72" Wingspan
Single engine kits. These can be made into a twin Seabee by using the same wing and just cutting out cavities for the fuel tanks. (Wing can also be purchased from manufacture (G&P sales:
Assembly manual is included but you can get an assembly video from the supplier also)
Preference would be for a local pickup (Seaside, OR) but, if needing to ship I will need to figure out how to do the shipping as I’ve not had to ship anything this big before.
If interested please contact me at

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5
Hydraulic Plates
Electrol Hydraulic Pump Guards
Hydraulic Pump Cap Guards

If you have an Electrol 430 Hydraulic hand pump for your Seabee, you need these if they are not installed already. Made from .090" aluminum and the holes are already drilled for you. These are done on a CNC machine and are very accurate (I checked). The rear plate is pre-bent to the 10-degree angle that is required and fits very nicely. You will have to drill and tap all the holes in your pump and Kurt will sell you all the tools required if you like.
You will need a screw driver though : ).  This will save a lot of time and could prevent a potential total hydraulic failure.

Plates only
: $10
Plates plus tools (Tap, drill, screws, rivets and washers): $20

Contact Kurt Bromschwig at

LE Plugs  

LE Plugs
Leading Edge Plugs

Fill those nasty holes in the leading edge of your wing and stabiizer. These fit a 7/16" hole and fit flush with the wing skin. Measure your holes first to see if these will work for you. Enough plugs are supplied to do the whole Seabee with a few left over. You might have enough to do your friends Seabee!

Specifications below:

Price $10.00 for 30 plugs.

Ship to:
Seabee License Plate Seabee Club Logo License Plate

These license plates are .032" aluminum and measure 6" x 12" which is standard in the USA. Be the first on your block to proudly display your club logo! Background color is white with the Club logo in full color. Put them on your car, golfcart, bicycle, whatever!

Club price is $20 each which includes shipping.

Ship to:
Vinyl Decals
Click on colors for larger view
(Colors may vary due to screen resolution)

Caution: Be very careful taking the backing paper off around the tail wheel and water rudder. There isn't much material there. Mine went on perfectly!

Seabee Vinyl Silhouette Decals

These 10" decals are the rub on Vinyl type and have a three year outside guarantee! The "RC-3" on the decal can be placed anywhere or eliminated completely. Seven colors are available now (see chart) but you can order directly from the distributor with any special requests. Any color, size and lettering is available. There may be an additional charge for larger decals or special orders. Check with Rob Spencer (below) for details.

Rob Spencer is an aviator and has given us a very good club price! He says:

"...we have 700 other aircraft ready to cut and ship. If I don't have it, I can make it. I know that many pilots have other birds as well...these decals are also suitable for placing on an aircraft. I have made many N numbers and logos that were placed on the airframe somewhere. The latest was a custom Cessna Cardinal logo that went on the cowl. They can be removed with a hair dryer heat and a little elbow grease."

Contact Rob Spencer at with any special requests.

Club Price is $9.00 each set which includes both left and right facing Seabees.
As always shipping is free.

Contact Steve at with any questions you may have.

Ship to:

Seabee Pin
(Click on image for larger view)
Seabee Pin
These pins are 1-1/2" long and are your typical enamel style pins. As always, free shipping!


Gold Seabee

Silver Seabee
(Click on images for full size view)
Seabee Pendants
Silver Seabee:
This beautiful Seabee pendant is made using sterling silver. It has a wingspan of 1-1/2" and a tip tot ail length of 1-1/8". It can be modified with a small diamond, colored gemstones or a CZ directly under the bail as an option. An 18" sterling silver chain is included with the airplane. It is displayed in a handsome black leatherette presentation box.
It is valued at $235.00

Gold Seabee:
This beautiful Seabee pendant is made using 14K yellow gold. As an option it can be made with 10K yellow gold, 14K rose gold or 14K white gold. It has a wingspan of 1-1/2" and a tip to tail length of 1-1/8". It can be modofied with a small diamond or colored gemstones directly under the bail as an option. An 18" gold filled chain is included with the airplane. It is displayed in a handsome black leatherette presentation box.
The 14K gold version is valued at $875.00

Eric Carlson of Wilderness Mint at (800) 294-9600 or
email at

(Ed note: I purchased the 14K gold necklace you see to the left. It is finely crafted and the picture does not do it justice. It is a fantastic gift for your "forever copilot!").
Drink Koozies Seabee Drink Koozies
Keep your can cold! These are made of 3/8" foam. None of that 1/8" stuff! The Seabee logo is printed on both sides and has a 3/8" bottom firmly attached. You can mix and match colors by specifying below.

$3 each or 4 for $12
As always, free shipping.

Specify colors requested
No Parking Seabee Parking Only Sign
Made from .080" aluminum. These would look great outside your hangar or home. Lettering is reflective and the background is a dark blue. Think of all the airplanes you could "Fly Out" legally! : )

Available now!
Ship to
©Seabee Heaven, LLC 
Men's Cut T-shirts
Seabee T-Shirts
Seabee T-shirt
Yellow T-shirt
Seabee T-shirt Black
Woman's Cuts below

Lady's Pear Green

Yellow T-shirt
(Click on image for larger view)
Seabee T-shirts

$30 USD

Top quality Beefy-T (made by Haynes) Seabee T-shirts. Available in six colors:
White, Navy Blue, "College Jersey" Gray, Yellow. Women's colors; Pear Green and Orchid and Yellow. All woman's cut shirts are short sleeve only. The classic Seabee logo is on the left front and a cool Seabee picture on the back. All shirts except women's cut have pockets. Light color shirts will have navy blue ink and the dark colors will have "Seabee Yellow" ink.

Note: The woman's yellow is now closer to the men's yellow.

Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.
Color and Price
Thanks for your support!

©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Seabee Gray Sweatshirt
(Click on image for larger view)
Seabee heavy duty Sweatshirts

$40 USD

A 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester these Sweatshirts do not shrink as much as pure cotton shirts and are very durable. Warm as heck!

Colors available are Navy and Gray and have the same design as the T-shirts listed above.

3 Sizes: Large, X-large and XX-large.

Problems? E-mail Steve at
Color and Price
©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Seabee Jacket
(Click on image for larger view)

Colors Available - Gray shown above
Jacket Colors
Rust    Khaki     Olive     Gray
Seabee logo jacket


These are Timberland® Jackets with a jersey "sweatshirt" lining. VERY warm. They are water resistant but not waterproof.  A very well made jacket and light enough to not affect the weight and balance on the ol' Seabee! Size shown is a large-color Gray.

Sizes and colors available are listed below:
Gray QTY
Khaki QTY

Shipping is always free!

E-mail Steve at if you have any questions.

Satisfaction guartanteed!
Size and Price
©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Seabee Hats
(Click on image for larger view)

Republic Seabee Hat

$30 USD

This hat is a high quality Anvil® embroidered design available in black, beige and Navy Blue!
Adjustable brass strap on the back (No velcro or plastic snaps!)

Includes shipping and handling.
E-mail Steve Mestler at with questions.
Color and Price
Seabee Patch Seabee Patch

$10 USD

We took our famous Seabee logo and had it implanted in a white bordered patch that is approximately 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" (same size as the hat logos). These are top quality and can be sewn or glued onto practically anything. Shirts, toolbags, chairs, jackets, etc.
Questions? E-mail Steve

As usual shipping and handling are free!

©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Jim Rope The original "Jim Rope"

$30 USD

Inspired by member Jim Poel, the "Jim Rope" is an indispensible item for your airplane toolbag.  It is approximately 8 feet (2.4384 meters) long and has a heavy duty bronze clip for the bow cleat or tail hook. Custom lengths can be made at no extra charge. The handle is approximately 10" long and will fit in even the most conservative tool bag (or toolbox). If you carry nothing else in your Seabee, carry this!

The design is simple and you can always make one yourself. The hardest part is the "loop splice". You can see how to make an "eye" splice here (

Ship to:
Seabee Pin
Seabee Lapel Pin

$12.00 USD

Seabee Lapel Pin. Approximately an inch long available in silver. There is a substantial clasp on the back to hold the pin securely in place. There are a very limited amount and when they are gone I am not sure I can get any more.

Note: Gold pins are sold out! I'll check to see if I can get them again.

Color and Price
©Seabee Heaven, LLC

Floating Keychain
(Click on image for larger view)
Seabee Floating Keychain


Large Seabee Floating Keychain.
Bright yellow with Seabee logo and a rustproof chain.
E-mail Steve with questions.

Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 1 1/2". Extra large so you can't lose it!

©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Seabee Sticker
Seabee Club Logo
(2" x 4" Oval)

Republic Sticker
Republic Aviation Logo
(2" x 2.5" Rectangle)

Determined Bee Logo
Determined Bee Logo
(3" x 1/2")
Seabee Stickers

each. 10 for $7.00 USD

Republic and Seabee logo stickers. They are most suited for indoor use but the company says they last a while outside in the heat and sun. Republic sticker is 2" x 2.5" rectangle, Seabee logo sticker is 2" x 4" oval. The images to the left can be downloaded and used anyway you please. Just right-click on the image and click on 'save image as'...then use it as you will (legally of course!). The Republic Aviation sticker can be cut around the oval and airplanes and it looks pretty good on most anything. I stuck mine on magnet material and it made a great refrigerator magnet or tool box magnet.

Just e-mail Steve ( if you have any questions.
Thanks again for your support!

Style and Price
©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Republic Seabee Type Certificate (A-769) For Sale!

Mr. Wolf Meyerfeld is selling the rights to the Seabee. See the details below and to the right.

Seabee Type Certificate
(Click on image for larger view)

Type Certificate A-769
Model  RC - 3
     The Type certificate was originally acquired by Sky Enterprises, Inc. in 1986 from Mr. Colin Dobell for the purpose of putting the aircraft back into production. Mr. Dobell’s father, a Republic Aviation employee, acquired the Type certificate from Republic Aviation in the early 50’s. Sky Enterprises, Inc. had a licensing agreement with Republic Aircraft Manufacturing, Inc. a publicly trading company, for the manufacturing and sales of a new and modernized Seabee. Due to the unfortunate bad timing of Republic Aircraft Manufacturing in October, 1987, (Black Monday October 19, 1987 500 point crash of the Dow Jones in a matter of minutes) the company was not able to raise the necessary funds to follow through with its original plans.
    Republic Aircraft still has the many inquiries on file from interested potential buyers around the world for a new Seabee that it received after announcing its intentions to put the aircraft back into production.
    It is now the company’s intention to sell the Type certificate hopefully to a party that will fulfill the dream of so many Seabee lovers and people who have learned to appreciate the many advantages of this outstanding aircraft.

For further information please contact Wolf Meyerfeld at (604) 922-1779 or   
Mr. Meyerfeld Email
(Ed note: Due to the enormity of this listing, above is the e-mail sent to me by Mr. Meyerfeld giving his approval to list the Type Certificate for sale)

Hydraulic Plungers Hydraulic Plungers for Electrol 430 PowerPac
(NOT PMA'd. NOT FAA Approved.)

$230 USD

There have been Electrol Hydraulic pump plungers broken at the o-ring groove from corrosion. These will fix that. The plungers are made from tool steel and were made from the original specifications. I know they seem expensive but this is my cost.
Please read the Hydraulic Plunger replacement article before ordering. It is not an easy process. I have tried them and they work flawlessly.
Includes 4 short plungers and 4 long plungers; enough for one PowerPac.

Ship to:
Standard O-rings only.
O-Ring Kits
(NOT PMA'd. NOT FAA Approved.)
You can check the spec out here.

$20 USD

Standard O-Ring Kits are available. These are the same size for the Electrol Hydraulic Pump. The kit contains 26 O-rings. Enough for one pump. Shipping is free. Check out the pump drawing here.

Pump O-rings

Standard O-ring
O-Ring Kits
(NOT PMA'd. NOT FAA Approved.)
You can check the spec out here.

$28 USD

X-Rings are shipped but Standard O-Ring Kits are available at no extra charge. Just make a note in the comments section of PayPal that you want the Standard Kit instead of X-Ring Kit.

As with all of our stuff, free shipping and if you are not happy with them just return them. No questions asked. E-mail Steve with questions. Shipping included.

These are the same size as the landing gear strut o-rings.
See instructions and diagram here.
Contains 14 o-rings; 7 for each side (6 are used in each strut depending on design).

LG O-Rings
Standard O-Ring (only)
O-Ring Kits
(NOT PMA'd. NOT FAA Approved.)
You can check the spec out here.

Full Set $25.00 USD

These need to be replaced as needed when leakage is noticed on the ends of the actuators. E-mail Steve with any questions. Shipping included.

These are the same size as the flap and ALL landing gear actuator o-rings.
Contains 20 O-rings. Enough for all actuators. See drawing here.

Actuator O-Rings
Bilge Access O-Ring Kits
(NOT PMA'd. NOT FAA Approved.)
You can check the spec out here.

Full Set $30.00 USD

These are the large o-rings that seal the bilge access plates in the fuselage.
Most Seabees have 8 of these. One extra is included. Let me know if you need more!
E-mail Steve with any questions. Free shipping!
Contains 9 O-rings.

Bilge Seals
Hex Wrench Hull Plugs
Seabee Hull Plug Kits

$20 USD

Your Seabee uses 5 plugs in the hull and 2 in the wing floats. These kits include 9 Hull plugs (2 spare plugs) with a 3/16" Hex wrench included. Plugs are stainless steel!
Floating PVC container included free!
E-mail Steve at
( with questions.

...or you can buy them by the plug. $2.00 USD
Pipe Tap
Seabee Hull Plug Tap

$15 USD

Also available, the 1/8"- 27 NPT Pipe thread tap for the hull plug openings. A good tool to have when your hull openings are a little "grungy". Keep 'em clean with a tap (tread lightly however!). Shank is 5/16" square and fits most standard tap handles.  Made in the USA!

Note: If you are drilling new holes in a keel or other material, a 21/64" drill is required before the tap can be used to thread the hole. And be VERY CAREFUL!!!
Warning: This is a tapered PIPE thread. If you go too far it will ruin the drain hole!

E-mail Steve ( if you have questions.

Franklin Prop Placard Franklin Seabee Propeller Placard

We have a very limited supply of Franklin Engine Propeller placards provided by Jim Poel. Please don't order one as a spare! Order one if you REALLY need it. No PayPal for this just e-mail me ( and I will send it right out to you.
$5 US
covers the cost of postage. This placard is required by the Seabee Type Certificate
(See note 2 at the bottom of the TCDS). Dimensions: 1.25" x 2" (32mm x 54mm)

Seabee DVD
Seabee Manuals on DVD!
Now on USB Flash Drive!
Only $50.00 USD
This DVD or USB Flash Drive contains the following subjects, stored in an easy to read or print out, Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader® is included and installs automatically if your computer doesn't have it. If your computer does, just put the CD in and it starts automatically! You can check out the Table of Contents here! (PDF)

DVD or USB size (1.32 GB) Please specify which version you want in the "Select Medium" box below.

2-BULLETINS & SERVICE NEWS (Original)      

    Plus :
-Manuals for Bendix Magneto (S4&S6)
-Overhaul & Parts List

-Electrol Hydraulic Pump Manuals
-Bendix-Stromberg PS5-BD Manual
-Fuel Cell Installation and Rejuvenation

-Annual Inspection
-Seabee General Servicing
-New! Preflight inspection videos (10 of them)
E-mail Steve ( with questions.
Free shipping of course.

Note: For the USB to work (everytime) a small program must be installed on your computer. It is included with the USB Drive. Instructions are on the USB Drive.

(I have had some feedback from MAC users that the CD's work fine but don't know about the USB's)

Select Medium
©Seabee Heaven, LLC

Seabe Club International CD
Seabee Newsletters
Only $20.00 USD

Although almost a complete list of newsletters, there is a wealth of information on this CD! Newsletters from Mr. Mojonnier and later newsletters from Capt. Richard Sanders, founder of the Seabee Club International. The last two newsletters are by Graham Sutherland.

It's like digging up a time capsule! Contains many, many tips and tricks and an 'Instructor's Corner' with very experienced Seabee pilots offering their expertise. Many historical articles and even a few letters from our hero, Percival 'Spence' Spencer.

They begin July 1964 and continue to December 1995 (96 newsletters, with only a few missing). These are available on the website FREE! but if you want to avoid the download time, order today!

The copies made were donated by Mr. Henry Maxwell's family by way of Mr. Don Anderson to which we are very grateful. All newsletters are printable and good quality although some notes by Mr. Maxwell are evident.

Steve ( will answer your questions.


Dealer Distributor CD
Seabee Dealer and Distributor BULLETINS on CD

Only $20 USD

These Bulletins were sent to all of Republics Dealers and Distributors. It is a facsinating look inside the Republic Sales strategy and History of the Seabee from beginning to end. Although not 'classified', these bulletins were issued to only a select few and their contents were not public knowledge at the time. If you are interested in the history of the Republic Seabee, these are a 'missing link' that may just answer some long sought after questions.

Credit for these bulletins goes to Mr. Robert Porter from the state of Washington. He kindly donated his time and efforts to make them available to us and we are very grateful. Thank you Bob!

The CD is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and as in the other Seabee CD's will start up automatically when it is inserted into your computer. Steve


©Seabee Heaven, LLC
Lycoming Engines Lycoming Manuals on CD
NEW! All Lycoming GO-480 Manuals on CD
(These are for the Low Compression-270 HP-GO-480's)

This CD has been years in the making. It includes the complete operating manual, overhaul manual and parts list for the various Lycoming GO-480 engines. If your engine is not listed in these manuals, they probably didn't make that version! Click here to see the Table of Contents. The overhaul manual has been re-typed for clarity. The operating manual and the parts catalog are original scans.

NOTE: Some part numbers in the parts catalog are obsolete. Please check with your parts supplier or Lycoming for a new part numbers. (Lycoming phone number in the USA is: (570) 327-7093 - Parts)

Others charge hundreds of $$$ for these manuals. You get all three of these for one low price. Keep in mind that these engines were made back in the '70's so some parts are no longer available and must be procurred at other sources.


Membership Kit Book

Membership Kit CDs

Click on images for larger view.
(Hat, T-shirts not shown. See above)
Seabee New Membership Kit 
NEW! Membership Kit:
We have a package deal for members that includes everything a New Seabee Owner
(or anyone else for that matter) would need to learn about the Republic Seabee and stay current.
All manuals and articles are retyped for clarity and ease of reading and printing. Binder may be blue.
Over $200 value for $150!

The kit includes:

Printed Training and Reference Manual - 6 chapters and 2 spare chapters (5½" x 8½" Jeppessen size 3-ring binder)
    Chapter 1     - Republic Seabee Owners Manual            (58 pages, Original)
    Chapter 2     - Seabee Familiarization                           (8 pages)
    Chapter 3     - Seabee Seamanship                              (8 pages)
    Chapter 4     - Seabee Training Guide                           (90 pages)
    Chapter 5     - Franklin and Lycoming GO-480 operation (5 pages)
    Chapter 6     - Seabee Safety section NEW!                  (31 pages)
    Chapter 7-8  - Extra chapters for your own use for future reference material.

2 Seabee Discs         Seabee DVD or USB Flash Drive
                                 Seabee Newsletters
CD from the past (Approx. 100 newsletters!)

Plus a choice of one: Seabee Hat, or Seabee T-shirt (See above)

Please indicate the name to be put on the manual as they are personalized! You can indicate this on the "Instructions form Buyer" section on PayPal. Thank you.

E-Mail Steve with special requests. Thanks!

Note: No more coffee mugs or toolbags left.

Color and Size
T-shirt size

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Updated July 11, 2024 (Reinstated Membership Kit, Clarified USB Seabee DVD, Clarified Seabee decal listing, Added Seabee DVD on USB Flash Drive, Prices updated)