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This page will be devoted to bringing you news and activities of the club members. You are invited to send in Seabee anecdotes and experiences. Notice of Bee fly-ins along with anything of general interest. We will be updating this page as newsworthy items develop. Your turn! This is whats happening in the Seabee world! Fly-ins, places to visit, and members escapades. If you have some news, let us know. Just e-mail us and we will be happy to add your adventure!
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Some of our Seabee members
Hammondsport Bluff
Seaplane guys and gals in Hammondsport
Red Dragon found!!

Mr. Scott Schroeder from Michigan sent this article to us. Very interesting. Most of you are familiar with the "Red Dragon" painting below.
Well, this is that Seabee!
Thank you Scott!

Red Dragon Before
Red Dragon
(Click on images for full size view)
Scott says, "Hello Steve, I am an aviation enthusiast, not a pilot, that used to fly alot with my brother in law. I finished and got through ground school but was not able to continue on to get my license.  I am heavily involved at my local airport in Michigan and I have been doing research on a Seabee a friend of mine here used to own. The demonstrator aircraft serial #108 known as the Red Dragon. My friend Scott owned the plane back in the early 90's and I was intrigued when he started talking about the history of that particular plane. I have found information on almost everything he has told me about except he mentioned a terrible crash involving the plane that heavily damaged it. He stated there was a notation in the log book regarding the repairs but all it stated was something to the effect of "replaced hull and wings". I was hoping you may know something about this incident.  I have attached a picture of the New York news article he has showing the damaged aircraft that matches the paint scheme of 108 but there is no mention of the serial number or registration number in the story.#108 is still here at a local airport close by but was damaged in a hanger fire. I have not looked at it myself so I'm not sure of the extent of the damage.
Sincerely, Scott Schroeder
Mecosta County Michigan"
If anyone knows about Scott's request, let me know and I'll post it.
Member Eucid Benoit and crew do it again!
Euclid Benoit
First Flying Boat at Botwood, Newfoundland in years. Read the article here (PDF). Very interesting.

Our newest member Mark Byrd
Mark Byrd
Mark's Twin Bee is S/N 22. Second to last one made.
Welcome aboard Mark!

Member Bruce Hinds at an undisclosed location (somewhere near Seattle)
Bruce says, "
That's Pewee Falls.  It's in the extreme NE corner of Washington State."

Bruce Hinds  Bruce Hinds
                                       Bruce's Bee on the left
Bruce Hinds

Bruce Hinds
Notice the Cub just to the right of the falls.

Seaplane-a-Palooza 2019

Tavares, Florida March 29-30th - It was a beautiful day for a splash-in at Tavares! An event that gets bigger every year thanks to the town of Tavares and Rob Galloway of the Jones Brothers Seaplane Company. Below are the photos from the event.
Tavares: "America's Seaplane City".
East ramp: The nicest Beaver I have ever seen! The Seabee ain't bad either!

West parking area
(Dave Bloyd's Seabee shown)
Rest stop for member "ET" and Super Dave at Miller Monarch's
"ET" with Seaplaners the day before.
West ramp. Member Brian Bossier's Seabee
"ET" and Super Dave flew Brian Bossier's Seabee to Tavares
East parking area
Member Miller Monarch with wife Alice. Super Seabee people!
L-R: "ET", Miller, Super Dave, Alice, Shon, Dave Bloyd
Your photo here!
Member Bruce Bishop made the cover!
Bruce Bishop
I know it's kind of late as Bruce sent me this a while ago. Durango, Colorado. You need a big engine there! Thanks Bruce, great shot!

Photo from the past
Bob Porter Photos

Top left to bottom right:
Richie Brumm and ?,
Richie and Karen Brumm,
Richie, Bill Bardin, Edgar (ET) Tello, Henry Ruzakowski,
Jim Poel (My hero!)

Bob Porter Photos
Jim Poel and ?
Bob Porter Photos
Bob Porter's back yard!
Bob Porter Photos
Richie Brumm
Bob Porter Photos
Steve Lantz
(Tahoe Special Builder)
The photos above were sent in by member Bob Porter
(Thanks Bob!)

Member Eucid Benoit makes news!

Euclid Benoit
We have just started our Eastern Canada Seabee tour and it looks like we with my Seabee will be the guests of honour at the 80th anniversary celebration of transatlantic flying boat operations at Botwood Newfoundland on August 5. Article below (PDF):

Great job Euclid! A great testament to the Seabee's ability.
(and your team's)
Wingman Bruce Hinds and Lead Tom Hoag fly formation
Formation Video
Click on photo for video (MP4)
Thanks Tom!
Our newest Member!
John Oberholtzer and Eve Dunaway at Lake Berryessa
John Oberholtzer       John Oberholtzer
They're having too much fun already! Welcome John and Eve!

Hammondsport, NY 2018

Hammondsport 2018
Original restored 1914 Curtiss "Model F" flying boat.
Flown by Rob Kenyan on September 15th, 2018.
(Photos by member Bill Bardin)
Hammondsport 2018 Hammondsport 2018
Hammondsport 2018 Hammondsport 2018
Members Bruce Hinds and John Cuny at Lake Isabel north of Seattle...Beautiful!
John's, Bruce's and Mike Arntzen's
Isabel Isabel
Mike, Janie and John Cuny
(Looks like Gilligan's Island!)
Isabel Isabel
Isabel Isabel
John, Janie, Bruce and Ollie
(Click on photos for full size view)
Bruce says, "This lake is one way in, one way out but there is a gap at the far end you can pass through if things don't look right. Water is crystal clear and no noise, bugs or people."
Sounds really fun.
John says, "Nice day at an Alpine Lake, 3200' MSL. Nice to have the big engine on the Seabee. Peaks in the area 5000+."

All photos by John Cuny except for the lower right corner by Mike Arntzen (Sportsman pilot).


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