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This is the 'parts for sale' page. If you have any Seabee Parts (or anything else) you would like to sell or trade, e-mail us and we will list it! All we ask is that you CANCEL YOUR AD when it sells or you no longer want it listed. If you see an ad that needs removing, let me know. If an e-mail address is reported as 'dead', the ad will be removed. It may be reinstalled if a good e-mail address is provided. Photos of the parts you have really help so send them along with the email.
If you are interested in buying a Seabee, check the  'Seabees For Sale' page.

If you are interested in seeing the original Republic Parts Catalog, click here. (2.3 MB PDF file)

(Numbers in parentheses are Republic Part Numbers)
Let us know what parts you would like to see made for our beloved Seabees. Once enough demand is shown for a part, we may be able to fabricate them legally and economically.
I will keep an anonomous name list too and let you know when the parts can be made. You must be committed to the part once orders are made and remember, patience is a virtue. : )

Part Knuckle
Landing Gear  Knuckles
(part of 1106 and 1090)
1102  1110
Landing gear cross tube pieces
(2 ea. 1102; 1 ea. 1110)
ELectrol Powerpac
Electrol Powerpac
Tail Wheel Collar
Wing Strut Fittings
Fuselage Fitting
Fuselage-Strut Fittings
Member Tally 2 3 2 2 3 3
Part 1163
Control Column Bushing
(part of 1163)
1145  1125
Tail Wheel Cylinder
(1145 and 1125)
Wing Tips (original)
(1156 and 1069)
Main Gear H-bracket
Tail Wheel Fork
Member Tally 1 1 3 1 1 0
Part 1136
TW Torque Tube Assy.
Tail Wheel Yoke
Tail Wheel Fork Assy
Pilot and Copilot Control Arm
Landing Gear Scissor Link
Member Tally 4 1 1 1 2

Member Tally

Franklin Parts and logbooks for sale...

I have logs books for ser nos #23927, 23034, 23866, 23136, 598. A total of 7 books , 3 mech fuel pumps , 3 baffles, 2 carb heat boxes,1 heat shield. I also have a spinner that fits a 3 blade prop for N6193W (not shown), helps air flow for cooling , the fan has 3 holes in it for attaching the spinner ,not approved but looks neat.

$1200 for all.

Contact Frank Walker at:
(716) 471-4929 Cell or home (716) 695-3040

Frank Walker

Your ad here... 2 Hatzell Props for sale...

Two (2) Seabee props for sale. One in good condition, decertified. The other have one blade scraped.
Asking $6 000.00 for both

Alain Deslauriers

Other Photos:

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7

Contact Alain Deslauriers at
Stratus 1 for sale...

First generation Apareo ADS-B unit with charger and suction mount. Works really well with Foreflight. Batteries good but can  be powered from aircraft USB port also. $300 includes free shipping in the 48 states.

Stratus 1
Click on image for full size view
Contact Steve Mestler at:
Franklin Engine and Propeller for sale...

Selling my engine and propeller. Would like to sell as set, however, I'm open to selling seperately.  Sent pics of engine as it sits today. Was removed from the airframe, for a bigger engine conversion . 

Engine flew back from Wisconsin to Las Vegas . Never skipped a beat . Does not burn oil . No oil leaks . Log books . 

Aprox. just over 230 hours on engine since overhaul by Richie BRUMM . 

Most likely one of the last of his engines that will be available . 

This package will be everything as it sits in the mount . 

The prop is a two blade metal Hartzell, Model HC-12V20-3E.

New style oil cooler , all engine baffles, Alternator, rebuilt fuel pumps , 

Sitting in Ontario California, always hangared and hooked up to dehumidification unit .

Can crate for shipping if needed.  

Price is $20,000 dollars as a package.

Engine alone is priced at $17,500.00.

Propeller alone is priced at $6,500.00.

The engine overhaul alone cost 28,000 dollars . 

Contact Bruce Lindsey at or (909) 730-3306

Free damaged wing floats...

Mr. Ron Richey of Sacremento  California has a pair of wing floats he is willing to donate to a good home. They do need some work and must be drilled apart for repairs. Below are some photos and his contact information. All you West Coast guys might be able to help him and yourselves out. He is willing to deliver if it not too far away.

Ron Richey at or (916) 425-9665

Engines and Accessories for sale...
Bendix starter (12 volts) for GO-480 - $1000
Jasco Alternator (12 volts) - $395
2 Jasco Alternators (12 volts used) - $250 each
2 each GO-480-G2D6 Used but in good shape - $10,500
Lycoming GO-480-G2D6 P/N 70417 (295 HP) – Crankshaft $8200

(Photos to come)

Contact Gregg Cadieux at
Member John Hess has parts...

Contact John at

John Hess   JohnHess

John Hess   John Hess

Original Hartzell Hartzite Prop ...

Don ones is selling an original Hartzell propeller.

It is the original Hartzell Hartzite Seabe Prop.  Not sure if NOS so
maybe tiny bit of Hanger Rash on one blade

HC - 12 x 20 x 2 - 84"dia and 8" blades l 
Blades are like new with correct decals
Variable pitch & reversing mechanism fully operational
Concealed mounting type -  heavy duty wood bracket of bird's-eye maple

Price  $6,500  +  shipping

Contact Don at (905) 973-3920 or

Don Jones Prop

Don Jones prop

Don Jones Prop

Your ad here...

Two-blade Hartzell Prop...

I have a newly overhauled Hartzell two blade prop I would like to sell.  Propeller overhauled by Aero propeller of Hemet, CA.  It is a HC-12V20-3E Two blade fully reversible. Send offers to:

Scott Wiggins

Trans-Cal encoder...
This encoder was removed and replaced with an ADS-B approved unit. It has worked for the last 12 years with no issues whatso
ever. This unit will work with ADS-B but the wiring to the ADS-B is a little more complicated so I took the easy route and replaced the Altitude Encoder. This is a drop-in replacement for any Trans Cal unit. Free shipping in the Continental USA.

Model Number: SSD-120-30N
Asking: $175 Reduced $125
Contact Steve Mestler at
Your ad here...
Flight and Engine Instruments...


Airspeed 0-200 MPH - $500.00

Rate of Climb 0-6000 ft/min UP and Down $500.00. 

Grade level $500.00. 

Manifild Pressure $500.00.

CHT $500.00.

Tachometer (RPM) $500.00.

These pieces are in São Paulo, in Brazil and in perfect condition. Contact for shipping charges. 

Contact Leonard Cukurs at

Phone: 5511994780907 

Street Melchiates Alves de Oliveira 77, Riviera Paulista, Sao Paulo, Capital, Brazil, CEP 04926050


 New Propeller for sale....

Brand-new Hartzel 2-bladed prop, fully reversible. Still in box.

Maxwell Prop  
Maxwell Prop 
Click for full size view

Asking $25,000. Original cost to me was $27,500.
Contact Don Maxwell at or call (732) 213-4780.

Airframe Parts for sale....

I have the following for sale:

2 Franklin fuel pumps overhauled. $500 each
1 Hartzell prop jack plate with reverser valve and extra O-rings.
   One set of O-rings is the "quad seal o-rings.
    ( Jack plate has small piece of metal missing near the inner o-ring. It does not affect operation.). $500
Shipping not included, buyer must pay for shipping.
I have pictures.

Contact Jay Herte at or (262) 707-8346
You ad here...

Parting out a Seabee...

I am listed on your site with number 799.  I wish to part it out.
See photo here

Contact Dave Nieman at
Your ad here...
Rare UC-1, Twin Bee parts...
1981 STOL UC-1. I have wings, control surfaces, cowlings, struts, sponsons, doors, H stab, vertical, water rudder, landing gear, interior. Lots of parts.

David Payne
Fast Aviation
FL Aircraft Salvage & Transport
C: 321.356.7477
O: 407.349.5488
Harrison Oil Coolers...
I have two (2) Harrison Oil Coolers (P/N: 8533850) for the GO-480 Simuflight conversion. Both have been overhauled and look like brand new. Vernitherm is included. No fittings. Shipping is free in the continental United States.

$1200 each.
Contact Steve Mestler at

Vertical Stabilizer for sale...
Colin Bradbury

Vertical stabilizer for sale. $300 plus shipping.

Contact Colin Bradbury at
Prop for sale...
I have a Hartzel HC-12V20-3E for sale. O/H 3/95, C/W AD68-19-04, Approx 120 hrs. SOH, $8000, or offer.
I have attached three pictures. I'm installing Robinson Corvette with MT 3 blade. Please list the prop for sale.

Photo 1    Photo 2    Photo 3
Please contact:
(650) 465-9981


Seabee Parts For Sale...

I am parting out a complete 1947 Republic Seabee. It is in original condition and been sitting in a hangar since 1965. Airframe Total Time is 736hrs. Airframe is in good condition and the aircraft is totally taken apart. Have logs from Day 1. Cowlings, wings, control surfaces, floats, seats, dual yoke, panel pieces, ect. Please let me know if you are looking for anything. Motivated to sell!

Contact David at (407) 349-5488 or or


GO-480 Cylinder and Piston...

Lycoming GO480 cylinder (also GSO480) & Piston, New Overhaul +

Pressure Carburetors   PSH-7BD and PSD-7BD

ACCEPTING OFFERSGO/GSO480, new OH cylinder+Piston&Pressure Carburetors=PSH-7BD & PSD-7BD

Contact Don Albin 1 562 882 2683 LA CA • , Long Beach, CA USA
Both can
be converted to the other.

Seabee Parts For Sale...

Would like to list some parts for sale;
1. Twin Seabee tail section from step back with fuel tank.
2. Single Bee structural parts.. doors, lift struts, center section of cabin and horz stabilizer and elevators.
contact John Hess  (516) 993-3867 or E-mail:

Lycoming Engines for sale...
I have 2 Lycoming engines I acquired through a court judgement. I do not know what they are worth, but I'm waiting to hear back from an aircraft mechanic to give me a rough idea. Here is the info I have on them, could be right, could be wrong, contact me if you have any questions.
Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

My phone number is (5O5) 672-8O36


Model GSO480B1A6
TC 284
Engine No: RL894B3
Prop Ratio 77/120

Photos:     one   two   three   four   five   six
Franklin Cowling Parts...

Franklin parts and Components for sale: 4 sets of RP/N 1309, 1310 lower cowl assembly, 4 RP/N 1311 top engine cowl (used for the Simuflight engine conversion), 4 RP/N 1312 front nose cowl, one of them has never been drilled, also one beautiful set of nose/top cowl assembled, was to be used for a Seabee that was converted prior to the assembly going on, it is in near perfect condition, I have had it hanging on my wall for over 35 years with the paint job of the Seabee it was going on. I have a great history story with this cowling. I also have several pieces of RP/N 1313, 1314, 1315, 1316 cowl support brackets and a couple of RP/N 1317 grille. Selling as a lot, parts located in North Carolina. Looking for best offer.

Henry at (828) 659-8601 or email at
Franklin Manual for sale...
Franklin Manual

Have original service manual from my former seabee. Good cond.

$50 or best offer

Contact Terry Pfeiffer at 850-377-9353 or
Airframe and Misc parts...

1.  Have a hanger full of seabee parts, Couple of Sponson Float, and struts, a lot of control surfaces, wing struts , Engine parts case, fan, no cylinders,  Lyc GO 435 complete engine, Dual control wheel, tail wheel parts,  

2. I need the fuselage bracket that the wing struct attaches to. as per AD.  Would like to find someone with information on STC to convert to TIO 540 Lyc.  tried the information in the FAA. Can't locate the person.  

Willing to trade parts for the things (item #2 above) I need.

Contact Robert Wells at

Magnetos for sale...
Anyone in your club be interested in a couple of Bendix Mag's S6LN - 32, 10-56600-14.

Contact: Jim Cawley (360) 897-9993 Buckley, Washington

Click on image for full size view
 Need Windshields or windows?...

Contact Great Lakes Aero Products at:
(888) 826-2711

915 Kearsley Park Blvd.
Flint, MI  48503
Engine for sale...
My name is Jim Kinninger. I live at Farais Wheel Airport, Smith Valley, NV (see
I bought an IO-470-P out of a Nardi Riviera that crashed at Minden, NV, several years ago. I thought it would fit my experimental project but it will not. I would like to sell it. Perhaps your forum is the place to do this.??
Thank you,
Jim Kinninger
805-710-2289 or
Your ad here... Engine for sale...

Later this year I will have for sale a GO-480-G2-F6 engine with 1520 hours since overhaul that I will be taking off of my aircraft to put a new overhauled engine on it. I will be selling it with all the accessories for $8,000. It is a good running engine but I am selling it as a core.

Contact Bill Schutzler at

Many, Many Seabee parts for sale...

I have a hanger full of parts from Bob Mills who ran the Philadelphia seaplane base for over 50 years. He was an original Seabee dealer. I have too many parts to list, but please call or email me with your request. I am interested in selling all or partial parts.

Thanks, Jim Ikard   (410) 620-5885  email
Need O-Rings?...

Available at reasonable prices.
Check them out here! Keep a spare set on the shelf. Shelf life: 15 years! We use X-Rings® for the strut seals (except for a couple). These rings have twice the contact area of a standard o-ring. I have used these and they haven't leaked yet! (over 8 years)
Contact Steve Mestler if you have any questions.
Marvel Schebler Carburetor...
Carburetor- Marvel Schebler, Model M-4-5, Part No.: 10-3007,S/N: 3.934253, working when removed.

Spinner: Mounts on fan housing for B9F B8F
Contact Les Christianson at: (561) 866-6083
Large fuel filling hose...

For those who want to replace their old fueling coupling hose with a piece of new Goodyear hose, I'll cut and send a 5" length (lots more than you need) for $25, including postage. 

Contact Neil Kennedy at if interested.
Hartzell Prop for Sale...
I have a Hartzell Propeller with the following markings on the hub:

Prod Cert. 10
Ser 3596
Type Cert 845
Model HC 12x20-3 (i think the last number is a 3)
 Darnell Fehr Prop
The prop is 84" wide with 8" wide blades.  It is a 2 bladed prop. The prop has always been stored inside.
Pix 1     Pix 2     Pix 3    Pix 4   Pix 5   Pix 6   Pix 7   Pix 8   Pix 9   Pix 10

Asking $2500 USD Reduced! $1300 or best offer... (buyer pays shipping and handling)
Location: Morden, Manitoba, Canada
Contact Darnell Fehr at or (204) 362-8555
Misc parts for sale...
1 Good left wing
2 Ailerons & 1 Flap
Fuselage- Good from step back
Fuselage- Damaged from step forward
Rudder, Fin, Horizontal Stabilizer, & Elevators- Good Shape
1 Right wing damaged outside of nacelle
1 Extra Fuselage- #4 compartment forward on gear

Contact Skip Neidhardt at (800) 541-6923 or SPS Palm Coast
IO-470 Engine for sale...

We have a Continental IO-470-P (which was iniatially installed in a Nardi/Siai Michetti FN-333.  It is rated at 250 hp.  This type engine has been used in three Seabees and would be available for a fourth.

The engine had a major overhaul in 1984.  It was in the Bee for 1 hour.  In 2001, G & N Aircraft Inc. inspected and repaired and it is now airworthy.

If you would be interested in considering this engine for your Bee please contact me.

Mike Carey
Cell:  313.510-2222
Longitudinal Step and Keel Strip...

I have pair of prefabricated longitudinal steps - STC - SA 575NW. No paperwork, $200

also 8 feet of keel extrusion asking $100. Locatioon Miami, Florida.

Contact JAN BEM at:
Tel#  (305) 866-1408, Miami
Cell: (786) 999-9829
Tel# in Czech Rep.   011 420 602 203 660
B9F Engine for sale...


LOOKS GOOD. $3500.00 CALL LOU (740) 441-4139
Parts for Sale...

Air Rudder and Right Door
both in excellent condition.

Contact: Les (561) 866-6083 Evenings (561) 241-7324
Engine for Sale...


Your ad here...
For Sale: Hartzell Three Blade Prop...

No model number or serial number. I don't know how much time it has on it or if it is serviceable. $1500.00
E-mail Tom Cuni at
Do you need hull plugs!? Check them out here!
Hull Plug kits. $15.00. Hull plug taps $10.00. Free shipping inside the USA.

Contact: Steve Mestler at
PROP - OUTSIDE FOR 30 YEARS!   Said to be for SEABEE.
 A Koppers Model H220: SERIAL #3979A:
PROP ASSBLY #4373H: TYPE CERT: #TC-833 The owner indicates it was overhauled, completely, at that time.
See pictures here!

Your ad here...
I have 2 new propeller reversing blocks that mount under the prop governor. These are manufactured by Hartzell and are made to operate the compact prop on the IO-540 or TIO-540 Lycoming installation. I also have the governors, drives and long studs that are required to install same.
Contact Bernie L'Hirondelle at



Need a float strut...

We've bought a SeaBee RC-3 #475 N6265K airplane.

We are the Ukrainians and the airplane is in Ukraine. The airplane's condition is great as a whole. Our 1053 Strut-Right Hand Wing Float (strut) however has been damaged. Could you kindly help us to buy that spare part.

Thank you in advance!

Andrey Ostrikov, Dmitry Fayner, Alexey Bogach

Contact them at

Franklin Engine Wanted...

I'm looking for a 6A8-215-B8F or -B9F engine for my Seabee project. Preferably a run-out but rebuildable core, mostly for parts, but it needs to be complete or almost complete.

Contact Barry King (717) 742-2836 or  
Need locking tailwheel hardware...

We need all the locking tail wheel hardware listed in the PDF file below.

Parts we need PDF

Please contact:

Charlotte Halvorson
Stores & Purchasing Supervisor
Hill Aircraft Service Ltd.

3900 Grumman Road YXS Airport

Prince George BC Canada  V2N 4M6

Ph: 250-963-7211  Fx: 250-963-7218

AMO #130-95

We need a Lycoming GO-480 (295 HP) engine...

We would like a low time engine that can be shipped to Greece. That's where the Seabee is.

Contact: Alkis Makris at

I need an Air Rudder and Water Rudder...

I need these to finish my Seabee. Please contact me at:

Robert McCarthy

Farmers Branch, Texas

Need prop clamps ASAP...

I need a prop clamp ASAP.

Clamp Part Number C31AL #838-1070L.
Propeller Part Number HC-A3MV20-3L

Please contact:

Mike Gilroy
(205) 410-4223
Twin Bee brakes wanted...

Wanted:  Twin Bee Dual Brakes , STC , Or Drawings and Parts.

Glen Hyde
I need a prop hub...
I'm looking for a HC A3V20-2 hub in serviceable condition here in Beaufort SC.

Best regards,
David Dillinger or 704-608-5012
I need Cleveland Brakes...

I'm looking for a Clevelnad Brake system.
Please contact me at
Need two cylinders for GO-480...

We need 2 new / excellent cyliders for a GO-480 B1A6 engine.

Please contact :

Cesare Baj

Aero Club Como

I need original wing tips...

I don't want droop tips or flat air dams.

Contact Russell Madden at (940) 390-2155 or

Your ad here...
I need wing skins...

Glen Hyde looking for new 16" Wing Skins for extending the wing.
Will also consider skins in excellent condition .
Please call or email at :

(214) 546-8811

Magneto wanted...

WANTED Serviceable S6LN-31 magneto for -B9F Franklin.
J. R. Ranney

May 2011 I sold my Seabee OH-EGA to the the Finnish Forest Museum LUSTO.
A/c was transported late May to the Museum storage for cleaning. It will be placed for static display early next year (2012).

What they need now is propeller and front door..

I need fuel system parts...
I need the fuel system parts to convert my IGSO-480 into a GSO-480. Does not need to be certified it is being used on an airboat. I also need the tach drive, cable and tach.

Michael Neil

Help! Help! Help! Need propeller reverse cable that runs from the cockpit control box to the propeller reverse valve. Need ASAP. SeaBeast needs to released from captivity! Also, if anyone can email me a picture(s) of the reverse mechanism at the propeller, it would be much appreciated.

Please contact Mike at 616-846-3977 or

I own S/N 542, with an original B9F, and I need a servicable prop with hub.  Thank you. 

Steven Kiansky:
Phone : (204) 324-7552,, FAX (204) 324-6886

I need a right wing OR 4 wing skins.
Contact Richard at (250) 675-3007 or (250) 804-8007 Cell

For a SIAI FN333 Riviera located in France ,I am looking for a serviceable propeller type Hartzell HC-A2-X20-5L (two blades), or Hartzell HC-A3X20-5L (three blades). I am also interrested by any spare parts, informations or contacts, specially for the engine's overhaul (Continental IO-470-P)...We want to keep the normal airworthiness certificat, but if another propeller type can be fitted on this engine, it can be a good alternative.

thank's for any help, we expect a french riviera in flight condition soon!

Contact Anthony Bezard

Tailgear tube PN: 1125, and cover assembly, fuel cell PN: 1252.

Glen   cell: (214) 546-8811
I NEED 3 (three) BLADES FOR MY GO-480...
I need three blades for my GO-480 engine.

Contact Ken Kresmery
13 North State Street
Elgin, Illinois  60123
(847) 742-?000   (ed note: Ken, Send me a good phone # and e-mail)
I am looking for a right door also door hinges. Please contact Roger at
Your ad here...
Looking for a Wing float Strut , P/N 1053
Contact Lou Fitzpatrick  
(610) 647-3255 or
Bob Mills at  (386) 767-6452
Your ad here...

Right stabilizer for seabee project.
Your ad here...


Thank you.


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