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These are services especially for Seabee's. If you experience pleasant experiences, let us know and we will post them for other's to view. If you know of other services not listed, e-mail us and we will add them to the list. Links to manufacturer's and pilot/seaplane sites are listed below as well.

(Ed note: I felt it was a conflict of interest to include recommendations by me. All the recommendations listed below are unsolicited, member comments...Steve for the Seabee Club)

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Carolina Aero Tech, LLC
Something unusual! A new Seabee facility! Owner Jason Gruener has alot of experience with Seabees and Franklin engines. If you are ever in the South Carolina area and need a "Seabee Guy" Jason can help.

Jason Gruener
(843) 816-2650
Carolina Aero Tech, LLC
email: jason.aerotech@gmail.com

Southern Aero

Mr. Robert Still says he has a large amount of Franklin parts in stock.
Contact them at the number above or email at: 

LA Sleeve

Need Franklin cylinder sleeves? They make just about anything!
Dave Metchkoff
562-945-7578 xt.232

Henry's Hangar
South Coast Propeller Services

South Coast Propeller comes highly recommended by numerous Seabee owners and has very reasonable prices. They know Seabee props and their work is excellent. Located in Birmingham, Alabama. You can contact them at:

South Coast Propeller Service, Inc.
5750 Durose Drive
Bessemer , AL 35022

Phone (205) 426-7022
Toll Free (866) 875-6377
Fax (205) 426-7026

Email info@southcoastpropellerservice.com

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Recommended by member Henry Ruzakowski.
Member Edgar "ET" Tello also recommends South Coast.
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Henry's Hangar
Stol Seaplanes

Stol Seaplanes operated by Henry Ruzakowski specializes in Seabee work of all kind. He has 8000+ square feet of space and uses it very efficiently! E-mail Henry if you have any questions about Seabees. He has a lifetime's worth of Seabee experience. (His dad had numerous Seabees and worked for Republic) 

Contact Henry Ruzakowski at:
www.stolseaplanes.com is here!

2590 Airport Rd.
Marion, NC 28752
Shiflet Field (9A9)

(828) 559-2025  hangar
(561) 573-0668 cell
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Brian Robinson's Chevrolet Corvette powered Seabee.
Check out thier website here http://www.v8seabee.com/
See article here. Below is a message from Brian:
"We flew the original installation 2098 hours in the period from 4 July 2000 to 23 Dec 2011. During that time the aircraft performed far above my expectations. The engine and PSRU was performing well when it was removed. We removed it because my system was becoming dated. My aircraft was the first V 8 conversion done. It was running an LS 1 with a manual throttle standard Seabee Hartzell 3 blade propeller and our 1.68:1 reduction ratio. Most of my customers use the 1.98:1 ratio with an electric throttle. The Bee had a conventional (dated) panel and was in need of some upgrading. We refurbished ILM with many improvements including a new LS 3 sporting a modified Edelbrock supercharger, a new design single leaver control system that combines throttle, pitch, reverse & supercharger control functions in one unit, and a new design data link that allows the engine data to be sent directly from the engine control unit to the new MGL IEFIS based panel. The data link avoids the hassle of wiring in engine sensors and has the benefit of letting the pilot monitor the actual GM engine sensors that control the engine. We were back in the air 14 Jan 2014 and now have 99 hours on the new installation. I am really happy with the  performance of the new engine and associated systems."

I am sure ILM is one of most highly modified Seabee ever flown. The list of modifications are as follows:


        - Large bagage compartment door system
        - Enlarged baggage compartment
        - Gull wing doors
        - Flush mounted windows
        - 3 point retractible seat belts
        - Dual battery system
        - New design tailwheel unlocking system
        - Remote battery charging ports to allow charging main batteries without opening battery box
        - New access panel for tailwheel maintenance access
        - New access panel for water rudder maintenance
        - Fuselage skin reinforcement under elevators
        - Wide spray rails
        - Cabin heating system complete with windshield defroster
        - Cabin air conditioning system
        - Cabin fresh air system
        - Bagage compartment fresh air vent system
        - Flush fuel door complete with remote mounted opener (can only be opened from inside of aircraft)
        - Hull boosters
Power plant

        - 425 HP LS3 complete  with 1.98:1 reduction unit
        - New motor mount system
        - Modified Edelbrock supercharger
        - Custom designed supercharger controller used to normalize the engine under a wide range of conditions
        - Electric backup water pump
        - 5 blade MT propeller
        - Spinner
        - Independent Dual electric fuel pumps complete with dual fuel pickups, water separators and filters
        - Custom designed dual exhaust/muffler system
        - Redesigned top cowling hinge system
Instrument Panel
        - New instrument panel complete with:
                - MGL IEFIS
                - Dual MGL com radios
                - Vertical power electronic breaker/power monitoring system
                - IPAD installation complete with adjustable IPAD holder. The IPAD can display engine and limited flight data as well as provide backup navigation system
                - Wireless engine data recorder
                - CANbus data system for displaying engine computer data directly on IEFIS (instead of using secondary hard wired sensors)
                - USB and auxiliary power ports
        - 4 place intercom system
        - External static system
        - 3 axis autopilot
        - Instrument panel mounted on an angle for better viewing by pilot
        - Video camera system. One camera for engine start and one camera for backing up
        - Single leaver power management system combines throttle, pitch and reverse controls into one unit

Landing Gear

        - 8.50 X 10 Tundra tires
        - Upgraded Disk brake system
        - Electric hydraulic system complete with manual backup protected by isolating valves & retraction/extension controlled by panel mounted electric landing gear switch
        - Redesigned internal oleo components for improved crosswind performance
        - Hydraulic tailwheel shock absorber
        - Redesigned tailwheel fork
        - Redesigned tailwheel collar
        - Modified tailwheel axel to allow use of standard tow bar
        - Reinforced linkage on center weldment
        - Upgraded wheel bearing seals
        - Quick disconnect landing gear system

        - Electric elevator trim system
        - Electric flap system
        - New design water rudder for improved turning ability in windy conditions
        - Redesigned rudder post system
        - New design rudder stops
        - Pilot accessible Rudder lock for ground parking in windy conditions
        - Extended ailerons
        - Drooped aileron system
        - 2’ 9” wing extensions
        - Wing root fences
        - Wing tip splates
        - Redesigned vent system for fuel tank compartment
        - Hydraulic retractible wheel skis
        - Custom designed wheel ski for tailwheel
        - New design Stainless steel fuel level sensor
        - New design stainless steel fuel drain system
        - Strobes
        - Raised rear seats
        - Electric bilge pump system

"I have not documented any performance numbers. For them to mean anything I would have to calibrate all the instruments & standardize the data. Sufficient to say I have flown ILM in side by side comparisons with many Seabees, and none of them have come close to matching the performance. The LS 3 is a noticeable improvement over the LS 1. I have only had the new engine to 10,000’ but I was able to still pull 30” HG. Someday I will borrow an oxygen system and explore the higher elevations.

These days my focus has shifted from the Seabee to trying to raise capital to build the prototype of our new Horizon X2 - the first amphibian you can land on the water with the wheels down without hurting yourself!" (patent applied for)

(Updated 11-16-2014)
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McHugh Aviation Inc. (Simuflight)

Republic Seabee (RC3) Parts, Kits, Conversions, Maintenance, Service & Restoration

Scott Henderson, Joe McHugh's son, has continued the Joe McHugh tradition of maintaining Seabees through the Simuflight organization. He has added a website and a searchable data base for Seabee issues. His website is http//www.simuflight.net. Scott writes:

"Simuflight is a family owned company, founded by Joe McHugh, to provide services for the Republic Seabee (RC3). 
We are the primary supplier of Seabee parts and kits to modify, maintain and restore your Seabee
and the only dedicated Seabee maintenance base.  Our 8000 square foot facility located in Fallon NV and
has full sheet metal and machining capabilities as well as a dedicated and
responsive staff to assist you with all of your Seabee needs."

  • Seabee Maintenance - Simuflight can accommodate annuals, repairing damage or anything else that needs to be done to your Seabee.  Regardless of your Seabee's modifications we will work to keep it flying.
  • Restoration - Putting a Seabee back into the air is our passion.  We can restore a Seabee to the original aircraft or turn it into a Superbee with all our Simuflight modifications.
  • Parts - We have the largest Seabee parts inventory in the world.  Our parts have been restored to their original condition or have been manufactured from the original Seabee drawings and specifications.  If we don't have it there is a good chance we can make it.  With access to manufacturing rights from the type certificate holder and the original drawings we can help you with most needs. 
  • Kits -  We provide 14 STC'd kits for the Seabee from engine conversions to upgraded brakes.  In addition to our STC'd kits we also offer a number of non-STC'd kits to upgrade your Seabee.
We offer the following STC's:
  • Engine conversion (Simuflight)- 260HP to 340Hp options.
  • Propeller reverse valve for Simuflight conversion.
  • Cleveland Disk brake conversion
  • Southwind 940 cabin Heater Installation
  • Auxiliary electric hydraulic pump
  • Pipe Blade Pitot/Static Head (heated)
  • Lightweight droop fiberglass wing tips
  • Lower wing strut to fuselage fitting (no 25 hour AD)
  • Tail wheel shock absorber aft collar.
  • dual in-wing landing light kit.
  • Electric Elevator and rudder trim.
  • Wing Extension

Major kits we offer without an STC:

  • 180 degree door hinges
  • Bonanza throw-over yoke (STC pending)
  • Bow door prop
  • Extended spray rails
  • Replacement upper and lower strut fittings (STC pending)
Scott Henderson or Greg Murray 907-333-3357
1500 Rio Vista Drive
Fallon, NV 89406

10501 Shivalik Circle
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
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Need Oil Coolers or Service? These guys can help.
Pacific Oil Cooler
Seabee Cables
Beechurst Cables
Mr. Frank Scully operates Beechurst Inc. Makers of fine cables for any occasion!
Great Seabee service advice on his website!
9203 Enterprise Court, Unit J
Manassas, VA  20111-4834
Office: (703) 334-6703. FAX: (703) 445-7559
Richie Brumm uses them exclusively.

Lycoming Engines
(Click on the Logo)

Hartzell Propeller
(Click on Logo)
Continental Motors (Teledyne)
(Click on Logo)

Seaplane Pilot Association
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Join today! The lake you save, may be your own!
AOPA: the Premiere Pilot Organization
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