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In the beginning...Percival Spencer (Our hero!): The inventor of the beloved Seabee.

Another website dedicated to Percival Spencer by Steinar Saevdal in Norway. Thank you, Steinar!

List of Republic Seabee deliveries. This list is a copy of the original Republic Deliveries sheets from 1946-1947. (55 MB)

Seabee Production List from 1988 - Courtesy of the Seabee Club International (Dick Sanders)

Design Analysis by Irving Stone (1946) - Original design specs and techniques that made our Seabees.

Seabee Features (1947) - A short description of the Seabee's special features. Author unknown but donated by member Mr. Voskian

Three View Drawings

Front and Side View

Bottom View

Specifications and Limits

Specs for RC-3 and UC-1 (Twin)

Engine Conversions

Steinar Saevdal's Seabee engine website page has almost everything you need to know about
Seabee engines and their modifications!



How proud you must be to own one of these classic amphibian aircraft! Send us the info required below and we will provide a Forum for the exchange of Seabee information and experiences. You can read one of John Hooper's escapades by clicking here.



J. Hooper (L.)   & Seabee Designer P.H.Spencer (R.)
  with Seabee RC-1 prototype 1946


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