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Below are the Seabee's that we know are for sale or trade. If you would like to list yours just drop us a line and we will list it here for you...FREE! One thing though, if you sell it LET US KNOW so we can take the ad off the website. To make a listing just send me the "N-number", serial number, photos and the contact information (e-mail, phone number, etc.) I will not list anything you tell me not to. E-mail me at

 For a list of SOLD Seabees click here. These are left here for your information only to compare what is out there.
WARNING!! Scammers are out there!
Below is a REAL scam that happened to one of our members. Please be careful and insist on authentic checks and have them checked by your local bank. An attorney wouldn't be a bad idea either. We can only hope that the scammers get caught and prosecuted...
"I would like to warn the other club members that a number of scammers monitor this newsletter. I have had two offers that were complete scams. It works like this. I get a call and an offer. The buyer then says he will send a deposit in the form of a cashiers check. When the deposit comes the check is for $3000 more than requested. I then get a call that the buyer is leaving for a foreign country for a couple months and has found an inspector to come and check out the aircraft. The inspector will call me from Los Angeles and will need the $3000 for expenses. Please cash the check and send him the money when requested. I took the check to my local bank and they sent it to their fraud department. It was a great looking check and I was told that they would have deposited it in my account and that I would have been able to draw on it had I not requested a fraud check. They also said that if it bounced the money would be withdrawn from my account. It was, of course, a counterfit check."
Pre-Buy Inspection
Get a pre-buy inspection done! Download a pre-buy checklist here. I'm sure this list needs "tweaking" so let me know what additions to make and I'll add them to the list. Also get a title search done before you buy. AOPA and the SPA (Seaplane Pilot's Association) can help you with that.

"Should I buy a Seabee?" is a list of FAQ's by potential Seabee purchasers. I'm sure there are more questions so I will add to the list as they come in.

Available mechanics for the "Pre-buy" inspection:

Mike Raab (A&P, IA, Private Pilot, located in the northeast U.S. but travels anywhere) -

Jason Gruener (A&P, soon to be IA), much Seabee experience, located at Hilton Head, SC - (843) 694-4010 cell,

Currently there are...
4 Seabees for Sale
6 Seabee Project(s) for sale


   We have had inquiries, from time to time, as to what a prospective Seabee buyer should look for, to insure they would get a sound airframe and engine. To be able to offer an answer to this question, I asked several members which included old time Seabee pilots and at least two A/P mechanics to advise me. After due consideration, it occurred to me that Donn Booth's observation that "a buyer must remember that Seabees are all around 50 years old. Some have been used in corrosive salt sea water that, over a period, tends to render them unseaworthy". Some have been left unhangared and ravaged by the elements. Others have been damaged and poorly repaired. Engines may have been operated beyond normal limits for long periods of time. Donn's conclusion? Avail yourself of the best airframe and powerplant (A/P) mechanic you can find and authorize him to inspect the aircraft and advise you in this most difficult decision."You can also require the Seller to guarantee those items which come into question". I heartily recommend you accept Donn's advice.

IF YOU BUY OR SELL, PLEASE NOTIFY ME!  We encourage you to contact and deal directly with the seller. Thank You! Steve for the IRSOC. Not responsible for ad accuracy.

4 Seabees for Sale

John Roder


N6704K  S/N 987

1814 hours total time, complete logs including the original owners manual, July 2023 annual (70/80 all cylinders). Daubenspeck conversion with Lycoming GO-480-B (270 HP-100LL, 80, 87 octane). 768 hours since engine overhaul. Overhead engine controls, Hartzell full reversing 3-blade propeller, 288 hours since new. 24/28 volt electrical system. New Cleveland rotors and pads. Steerable tail wheel, battery maintainer, Whelen strobes, Hobbs meter, gas strut bow door support, electric hydraulic gear and flaps plus manual extension. Fair paint with good interior. Wide spray rail conversion, droop tips on 2-foot wing extensions, extended baggage compartment, panel upgrade, PS Engineering 4-place intercom, Terra TRT250 transponder, uAvionix ADS-B out, iPad mount, ARTEX 406 ELT, King KX-165 NAV/COM (inop) with spare KX-165, Narco Nav 121 (inop), Northstar Loran (inop), lighter plug to power phone or iPad. 

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Asking $155,000

Contact John Roder at (612)-805-5747 or

Bill Bardin


N398CM S/N 387 

Highly modified, 340 HP, beautiful, low time Seabee completed by W. E. Aerotech in 1999.
This aircraft has only 377 hours since undergoing a complete zero time professional airframe restoration and reassembly (see zero timed restoration details below).
Fully IFR with coupled autopilot, electric trim, and moving map GPS.
Gorgeous leather interior, wool headliner, Sony sound system, and Southwind cabin heater.
This is truly one of the best equipped fully certified Seabees.

Zero time details                    Full description

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7   Photo 8   Photo 9   Photo 10

Photo 11   Photo 12   Photo 13   Photo 14   Photo 15   Photo 16   Photo 17   Photo 18   Photo 19   Photo 20

Photo 21

Contact Dean M. Johnson at (434) 825-1787
Aircraft located at Edenton, North Carolina (KEDE)
Asking $275,000 USD
Christian Shulthess


N6386K S/N 615

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5  Photo 6   Photo 7

Read full dsecription here

Logbooks: Airframe 1   Airframe 2   Engine 1   Engine 2   Propeller 1

Price: $230,000 USD/212,000 CHF


Christian Schulthess
Neuhofstrasse 13
8315 Lindau
Mob:  +41 79 344 15 00  (41 is the country-code for Switzerland)

ext Annual due in May 2024

N6755K S/N 1039

Specification sheet (PDF-click here)

Photo 1  Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7   Photo 8   Photo 9   Photo 10   Photo 11  

Photo 12

Asking $92,500 USD

Contact Joshua Weinstein at or (206) 276-5677

Seabee Projects FOR SALE (6) 


N? S/N 126

We have a Seabee project that just isn't going to be completed by us. It is a registered amateur-built project with a Letter of Intent from MD-RA, the agency that oversees amateur-built aircraft in Canada. The project Seabee was serial number 124. Attached are some photos of it in storage waiting for its next owner.

The aircraft comes with a Robinson V8 conversion engine mount and drive reduction gearbox. Just add the LS6 short block engine. The reduction drive has the spline shaft for installing a Hartzell two or three blade propeller. A two blade propeller is included. Previous modifications include wide spray rails and wing extensions. 

Asking $30,000 USD, which is less than the cost of the reduction drive alone.

Interested people can contact Neil Kennedy at

Photo 1   Photo2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7


N6036K S/N 211

TT is 722.92 hours, airframe & engine, which is a Franklin model 6A8-215-B8F, serial #23222. The airplane has been dismantled and stripped to bare metal. I have all the original logbooks from Republic to present. There is no prop at this time. I am currently working on this project, but it's too much for just me at this time.

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7

Joe Rich
(440) 813-5456
Ashtabula, Ohio

Asking $29,000. I have complete logs from the factory ferry flight on. 

Ray Lynot

Was N6393K S/N 631

Up for sale is my Seabee project.  I've owned the aircraft for a decade and have yet to start the restoration.  It was my intention to install a Robison V-8 Conversion, however, due to a divorce and the resulting financial realities, this project will sit even longer.  That seems unconscionable to me; so, I hope this exceptional aircraft’s new owner will restore it quickly, and get her back in the air where she belongs.  This aircraft has no corrosion and is in very good dismantled condition. The logbooks are through 1985. This Seabee had an TIO-540 installed in the 90's and apparently flew several flights with that configuration, when the owner passed of natural causes.  His daughter decided to sell the engine/instrumentation and that is what is missing to date: i.e. a compete aircraft minus the engine/instruments. This is an excellent candidate for the Robinson conversion. The aircraft is located in my hanger in Sanger, California and will be sold with the wing stands and fuselage cradle.  If you have any questions please feel free to call. 
Askinng $33,000

Ray (559) 270-4594
No pictures
Seabee S/N 444 for sale

I would like to sell it as parts for restoration.resgisration number N6241K, model number RC-3. Serial number 444, time is of the essence, please post my number,waiting for your call.Thank you very much

Contact Jack Goltz at: (530) 917-9400 California
Richies Seabee
Richie Brumm's project
Republic Seabee Project For Sale
S/N ?   N?
Once in a lifetime opportunity for this Richie Brumm project that could be finished as a certified airplane or equipped with a V8 conversion or any other engine you desire.

New front bow skins, New Stainless Steel firewall - all 3 sections, New wide spray rails,  New  Fiberglass headliner, Flush mounted gas cap. Overhauled main landing gear, steerable tailwheel and trim system. Upgraded water rudder system and 2’ Wing extensions.

Fuselage, wings, flaps & ailerons have been stripped and painted, Balance of the aircraft is stripped but not painted, Doors need to be skinned and painted.

This aircraft is in excellent shape inside and out. It requires an engine, propeller, instrument panel, interior & wiring to allow you to create your own potential Award Winning Seabee.

This aircraft is stored in a hangar at Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport (CNF4) North East of Toronto

We are asking  $59,000 US

Contact Blair or Brian at
Hart project Republic Seabee Project For Sale
N87566    S/N 128
Republic RC3 SN128
LYCOMING GO-480-B1C. 1000Hr TT
Hartzell Reverse Pitch Propeller

Prop due for overhaul. Complete project plan. All parts included.Engine is run regularly. Plane has a new coat of paint as of 8 years ago. Finishing touches are required. Asking $30,000.00 USD

Contact Ed Hart by phone at (808)572-0884 or email at 

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6

303 Makia Place
Makawao, Hawaii 96768
(808) 572-0884

Seabees that have ----- SOLD! ----- in the past
Chad Vanderhoof

N6483K S/N 727

----- SOLD! -----

1947 Bee, GO-480 powered and completely restored in 2022.
The GO-480 is 295hp. 3-Blade Hartzell fulling reversing prop with 13 hrs SMOH.
New paint and interior, Large spray rails, Wing extensions, Steerable tailwheel, Cleveland wheels and brakes,
Bilge pumps, Extended baggage, Overhead engine controls, 406 ELTADS-B out, Dual KY196 radios,
Garmin 510 GPS, LED lights and Strobes, Remote oil filter, Fresh annual March of 2023, And much much more! This plane is like new!
698 TTAF, 248 Engine SMOH
Price is $235,000 USD

Contact Chad at: (509) 939-0642 or
Bruce Bourgeois


N33CS S/N 994 (formerly N8711K)  

----- SOLD! -----

Date of Man June 1947 
Tach time as of today 151.1 tach was replaced at engine overhaul
Total time airframe 458 hours
Engine Franklin 6A8-215B9F   Time SMOH 151.1 work done by Richy Brumm in 2002
Prop Hartzell   HC-D2V20/ LV8433      Last ad inspection 3/1/2012     at tach time 125.5
Last Annual Inspection 7/18/2014 tack time 142.2
Airplane has not flown since 2015
KT 76 with Encoder
King KDM 150 VFR GPS
Shadin Fuel computer 
EI engine Monitor EGT/CHT
This aircraft was stored from 1963 to 1993 in Southern California after being moved from Portland Oregon after wind storm damage and made airworthy in 1997. Sold and flown to Florida in 2000 where, she went thru many upgrades including the engine overhaul. I purchased her in July of 2009 and flew her in Massachusetts till 2015 till medical issues. I need to let her go to someone who will enjoy her. There is no ADS-B installed.

Price: $65,000 USD Reduced! $55,000 USD

My contact info is:  Bruce Bourgeois – (774) 268-9719 (Belchertown, MA)

or (413) 687-2245

----- SOLD! -----
Buzz Hale is selling his "ThunderBee". Oshkosh Grand Champion 2011. Check out the specs here.
(S.M: Words cannot describe this work of art!)
See Buzz's video here! (
NB: full fuel, two big guys, 75 degrees, 4500 elevation)

Contact Buzz at: (775) 338-3228

Asking:  $269K Reduced! $199,000 Reduced again! $185,000

Photo 1  Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo7   Photo 8   Photo 9   Photo 10   Photo 11
Joe Thorne

----- SOLD! -----


N6224K S/N 430 

First log starts December 10, 1949 at 314 hours. Complete since then. Approximate times:
TTAF: 1420, Engine SMOH: 324, Prop TT: 409
Richie Brumm B9F engine overhaul 2003. Prop new in 2000. New Garmin 225 Comm and PM100I 4 place intercom. New windows and tinted skylight. New window seals. New McFarlane elevator cables.
Removed main gear and cross-tubes, cleaned, painted, all new seals and clevis pins. Rebushed tailwheel, New tailwheel locking pin and new tailwheel lock cable. Cleveland wheels and brakes. New brake lines.
Inertial reel shoulder harnesses. New prop reversing seals. Overhauled altimeter. Overhauled fuel sending unit.
New hobbs meter. New square profile tailwheel and tube. New battery. Spare parts included.
9” wingtip extensions with splates. Electric fuel pump STC. Quick oil drain. New seaplane flooring from SCS in Duluth, MN. New canvas anchor bag with original anchor. New baggage flooring. Overhauled gear pump.
Fuel bladder from Eagle River in 1998. No leaks.
Very reliable and great flying Seabee. Has been in Minnesota since 1949. No corrosion or damage history. Asking $70,000
Contact Joe Thorne
Owner / Aircraft Delivery Intl.
Brian Neidhardt

Brian Neidhardt

----- SOLD! -----


N6240K S/N 443 

I am going to be selling our Seabee N6240K. This was Jim Poel's old Bee. Skip and I made a few improvements on it but are looking at buying something else. It has a Brumm motor installed and it also will include a second complete Brumm motor with only 170 hours since overhaul that the previous owner acquired as a stand by.

Total Time 2839

Franklin B9F 1331 since overhaul also includes a second complete Brumm B9F with only 170 hours SMOH

Hartzell MV20-3/3 Non AD prop 1200 SOH

Avionics Include:
TKM MX 170B Nav/Com, Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B In and out which bluetooths to the Garmin Aera 760 with moving map, traffic and XM weather. JPI 800 digital engine monitor with fuel flow and 4 place intercom.

Additional Mods and Details: 
Complete paint and strip in 1996. Always hangared since. Shows extremely well. Landing gear advisory system
Hooker harnesses, Lightweight droop wingtips, Wide spray rails, Electric fuel pump and alternator
Lightweight oil cooler and Sky-Tech starter, Oil filter and oil air separator, Cleveland wheels and brakes
Upgraded tailwheel, LED landing and taxi lights

Price: $89,000 or $109,000 with spare Richie Brumm engine

Contact Brian at: or
Dave Bloyd



----- SOLD! -----

Some of the feature/mods:
Robinson V8 conversion - General Motors LS-6 405 horsepower (limited to 350 hp), Gullwing doors, Automotive A/C and heating
Extended wings with droop tips, Hull strakes/boosters and extra wide spray rails, Hartzell 3-blade prop with reverse,
Garmin IFR panel with 3-axis autopilot - G3X PFD, G5 standby, GTN650 nav, GMA240 audio panel, GMC507 mode controller
Lightspeed Tango wireless headsets (2), Electric hydraulic system, Steerable tailwheel with heavy duty custom shock absorber
Dual controls and brakes. Experimental category.

Check out his website here:
Asking $245,000 Reduced!  $215,000 USD

Contact Dave Bloyd at (817) 296-8195 or
Roger O'Grady

 C-FNMF S/N 887

----- SOLD! -----

Homebuilt Seabee for sale. Airframe total time 1549 hours, Robinson GM engine conversion.

Propeller total time 1010.5, 36 hours since overhaul.

Asking $99,000 Canadian Dollars

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7

Contact Roger O'Grady at:

1520 Saint Joseph

St-Brigette Des Saults, QC

J0C 1E0 Canada


(819) 336-4181


 C-FMYT   S/N 1025X

----- SOLD! -----

TTSN 1226 

SMOH 15 

SPOH 15 

KING 720 COMM Trimb 1000 GPS TRANS Mod C New Glass, paint & interior. Engine is a Lycoming GSIO-480  340HP.


The aircraft is located north east of Quebec City  Airport and ready to go.


The asking price is  $85,000 USD

Contact Andre Cantin at

Don Johnson

Don Johnson

Photo 3             Photo 4

----- SOLD! -----

 N6713K  S/N 996

Franklin B9F Overhaul by very reputable engine shop.
Engine TT: 489 TTSMOH: 94
Kenmore Wing Extensions, Cleaveland Brakes, Wide Spray Rails, Strobe Lights, New Tires.
Electronics International: R-1 Tachometer, UBG-16 Engine Analyzer, FL-5 Fuel Flow.
KX-155 with Glide Slope, KLN-35A GPS, AT-15 Transponder
Electro Air EIS-2 Electronic Ignition System, Sky Tec Starter, Aero Classic Oil Cooler, Airwolf Oil Filter

Asking $79,900

Contact: Don at (806) 674-1221 or
Woody Cannon

Woody Cannon

----- SOLD! -----

 N6386K  S/N 615

See spec sheet and additional photos here

See logbooks here

Price reduced! $109,500

(Offers considered)

Contact: Todd H. Huvard

AircraftMerchants LLC
PO Box 1089
Clayton, NC 27520
Office: (919) 553.5235
Cell: (919) 210.1825
Fax: (919) 882.9989


Daniel Nezgoda
----- SOLD! -----

 N6325K  S/N 559

Super SeaBee Oshkosh award winning Outstanding Amphibian 2009.
IGSO-480, 340HP 3 Blade Hartzel Rev Prop. TT1739, SMOH 476, Prop 223, Droop Tips, Large Spray Rails, Piper Seats, Cleveland Brakes, Flight Inst Corp Graphic Engine Monitor, SkySport Fuel Monitor, Custom Naval Paint Theme, Val 760 comm, Narco AT50A, Narco Nav122 vor/loc/glideslope, Moving Map GPS, ELT, Spin-On Oil Filter. All STC''s and 337's. Brother passed this last year, this was his baby, Never in salt water, Always hangared, Based in north Florida. Price reflects need for annual.

Asking: $78,000.
Prefer cash sale but open to aircraft trades plus cash.
Contact  Daniel Nezgoda at (702) 498-4849 or

Skip Neidhardt

----- SOLD! -----

 N9508U  S/N 22

1982 STOL Aircraft UC-1 Twin Bee Serial #22. 1605 Hours total time on the airframe and engines (2000 TBO) and 200 hours on the props. Equipment includes:

King KMA-24 Audio Panel


KX-155 Nav/Comm

KN-53 Navigation Receiver

KY-196 Transceiver

KT-76A Transponder

Brittain Autopilot, 5 place intercom. Plane is IFR certified and will be sold with a fresh annual. 11 seconds off the water at gross weight, 375' takeoff on land. Unmatched performance in a twin engine amphibian. Interesting trades possible.

Price is $169,000

Contact Brian Neidhardt at (603) 738-3798

Aircraft Location: Winter Haven, FL

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5


Mike Lush
----- SOLD! -----
 CF-DOQ   S/N 934
UPDATED 7/1/2016
Mike Lush is selling his award winning Corvette powered Seabee. Please read the excellent spec sheet here.

Click here for The Aviators video fo CF-DOQ.

Asking $169,000 USD Price reduced! $156,000 USD

For more information contact Mike Lush at
Mike Alman
----- SOLD! -----
Republic Seabee Project For Sale
I am selling my 1947 RC-3 Franklin powered Seabee project. It is 90 percent complete. I have attached the information as well as some pictures.

Contact Mike at (616) 846-3977 (home), (616) 502-6299 (cell), or via email at

Asking $45,000 USD

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Les Vipond
----- SOLD! -----
 N6432K  S/N 682

Fully FAA certificated Continental IO-470 powered Seabee for sale. Many mods, recent annual, currently flying.
Contact Les Vipond at (410) 610-0234 or

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Asking $39,000 or best offer.

----- SOLD! -----
 N6449K   S/N 700

REPUBLIC RC3 SUPER SEABEE N6449K -  $169,000 Reduced! $159,000 AVAILABLE FOR SALE

340 HP supercharged Simuflite conversion. Superb performance. 2008 updates: strip and paint, new deluxe leather upholstery, wiring, instrument panel, Southwind heater, extensive top overhaul, Simuflite wing extension, Daubenspeck droop tips,  Simuflite wide spray rails, flush fuel fill, new glass, Bonanza-style Cygnet yokes, electronic auto/manual bilge pumps, DHC-2 sling rear seat.  Other mods:  electro hydraulic gear pump, Piper front seats and rails, removable 180 degree doors, flush windows, adjustable oil cooler door.

Airframe: TT 1235, Engine: Lycoming IGSO 480 TSMOH 320 hrs, TSTOP 70 hrs, Hartzell Prop: HC-A3MV20-3L TT 222 since new.

Electronics International: R-1 Tach, M-1 Manifold Pressure, OPT-1 Oil Pressure/Temp, VA-1 Volt/Amp gauge, SP-5L Fuel Pressure/Flow gauge, FLICAB Fuel quantity gauge, UPG-16 Engine analyzer, MUX-8A Black box data recorder.

King KMD 150 Multi-function display/GPS. All new flight instruments. Garmin SL40 VHF, Garmin GTX 320A Transponder, Helicopter airspeed indicator for precision slow flying, PS Engineering PM 1000 Intercom, Bose Headsets (2). Aritex ME 406 ELT, Skytronics 100 Amp alternator.

New main tires, complete logs, all modifications are accompanied with correct paperwork including upholstery.

Last annual: June 4, 2014. Compressions: 1-75, 2-78, 3-78, 4-78, 5-78, 6-77

Contact Russ Mager, Owner at or Tel: (509) 280-9957
Spencer Aircar
Award winning Spencer Aircar for sale
----- SOLD! -----
Bill Burtis, winner of the Sun n Fun Grand Champion Seaplane Award, 2015, for his Spencer Air Car, died unexpectedly, in January. His sister has put the plane on the market.

Sun n Fun Grand Champion Seaplane, 2015.  60 hours TT.  Large load capacity, 300 HP, STOL performance, excellent range, terrific water handling, remarkable craftsmanship in all phases of construction.  Estate Sale.  $175,000.00.  All Offers Considered.

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7

Download spec sheet here (PDF)

Contact Mr. James Campbell at (802) 238-6595
Carl Fauteux

Carl Fauteux
 C-FBUM   S/N 806
----- SOLD! -----
Airframe Total Time 1390 Hours, 
Engine LYCOMING GO 435 G2E (zero time overhaul may 1999) 135 hours SMOH.
Propeller model HC-A3MV20-3L. SN:FC5, complete overhaul May 2008

1 x GNC-300XL (COM/GPS)
1 x PMA4000 Intercom
1 x KR87 ADF
1 x KT-76A transponder
1 x ACK A30 Encoder

STC List:
landing light Leading hedge landing/taxi light STC:SA01747SE
Airwolf oil filter , STC:SA00024NY
Piper Style Pitot/static system STC:SA1153NW

New hydraulic lines, new control cables, wing extensions with Kenmore drooping STOL wingtips.  Empty weight: 2200, Gross: 3150. Paint 7/10, interior 8/10. New tire . Annual due august 2013.
Flown regularly.

Contact : Carl  Fauteux , or

Price 70,000$ Price reduced! $60,000 Canadian          Photo 1   Photo 2

Lou Manyak
"New updated ad!"
Super Seabee For Sale
----- SOLD! -----

Price: $110,000 Reduced to $65,000!!

Contact: LOU MANYAK (740) 441-4139

 N6570K   S/N 843
----- SOLD! -----
Long time member Grant Leonard is selling his Seabee. He writes: " Republic Seabee for sale. 1947 S/N 843 with new Hatzell Propeller. No ad's. Less than 2000 total time. B9F Franklin engine runs very well and strong. Hydraulics overhauled, new Airtex interior, great radio, leather front seats. Powerpac rebuilt. No engine logs. I have owned this Seabee for 42 years and now can no longer fly. Hangared at Fairbault, MN. Newer fuel bladder. Probably the best single enigne amphibian ever built. It is ferriable. Will sacrifice for $35,000."

Contact Grant Leonard at (954) 696-1512 or
543 NE 20th Street, Wilton Manors, FL  33305
Frank Walker

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5
 N6193W   S/N 384
----- SOLD! -----
This is one of the best SEA-BEE’s available in this condition. Always hangared. Price $65,000. No costs spared in maintenance. Engine Franklin 215 HP – smooth and quiet Looks better than shown in pictures. Ready to fly. Everything works. Looks new. Up to date on all AD’s.

Also have new still in box spare 3 blade Hartzell prop for this aircraft. Make offer.

TOTAL TIME AIRFRAME: 460 hours. Total time since new.

ENGINE TIME: 10 hours. Since first class overhaul, B9F.

PROPELLER: New Hartzell 2 blade installed.

Radio King KX 170B, Large spray rails, NARCO TX AT-50A, Never in salt water,,Sigtronics Intercom 5PA-400 , Stewart Warner Heater,,New prop, Strobe lights,,New fuel bladder, Alternator,,New harnesses for mag & distributor, Fuel pumps – one mech. – one elect.,,Engine analyzer, New tires & tubes,,Extended wings with spill plates, Bilge pump & piping to compartments,,All seals struts & prop cylinders,are quad rings.

EXTERIOR: Paint is excellent. Glass is good.

INTERIOR: Good condition.

DAMAGE HISTORY: No damage what-so-ever.

COMMENTS: New Log Books. Nice up dates on a Good Looking Airplane. Ready to Fly and Everything Works.


Contact: Frank Walker Phone (716) 471-4929 or e-mail Ronald J. Lewandowski

Asking: $65,000 or best offer.


Jay Herte
 N6441K   S/N 691

----- SOLD! -----

1947 Republic SeaBee, Aircraft TT 1385.2, Engine TSOH 178.8, Prop TSO 257.6.

All ADs compiled with. Engine overhauled by Richie Brumm with all his mods,InterAv Alternator, Oil filter. King KY197 Radio, PS Engineering PCD 7100 Intercom w/CD player, King KT76A Transponder, Trans Cal mode C Encoder, Electronics International R-1 Tachometer, M-1 Manifold Pressure Gauge and 6cly EGT/CHT, Cleveland Disk Brakes, Richie Brumm Stainless Tail Wheel control horn, Wing extensions w/droop tips, Wide spray rails. This Aircraft is ready to go out and play.

Jay Herte 262-707-8346 or    Asking:  $75,000 Please make a reasonable offer.

Photos:     Pix 1    Pix 2    Pix 3    Pix 4   Pix 5

Frey for sale
   Reg:  HB-SEI   S/N 936 and Reg: N6718K or C-FEII  S/N 1001
----- SOLD! -----
(Went to Sweden)

Airframe Total Time 930 Hours, Franklin 6A8-215-B9F (215 HP at 2500 RPM), 240 hours since total rebuild consisting of complete disassembly, New prime and paint, Reassembly of new control cables, hoses, glass, interior, New panel, New instruments, VOR ILS dual NAV/COMs intercom, Droop tips New fuel cell Strobes All Rich Brumm's mods, including B9F engine Engine 240 smoh, Prop 240 hrs since FACTORY NEW. Based at LSZR,

St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, CH.

Other photos:    Photo 1     Photo 2

For more information contact: Theodor Frey, +41 71 888 28 72

Offered at : 95,000 Reduced to 70,000 USD together with the project Serial 1001, TTAF 1200 and one Franklin 6A8-215-B9F engine.


Walter McNamara
N6144K         S/N 330
----- SOLD! -----
Walter McNamara is selling his Seabee.

See all the details at his website:

Contact Walter at:
(252) 349-9538
Lou Pizzarro
 N89LJ   S/N 371

----- SOLD! -----

1947 Republic Seabee Project. It's All There. Sold AS IS. All original. This is the Best Project Seabee out there.  I'm 
willing to Partial Trade.  Seabee is Located in Southern California. Buyer is Responsible for Tear Down/Pick Up/Shipping to it's final destination. It last flew in October of this year. My plan was to put a bigger engine in it, as it has the -B9F, so it's a complete aircraft but needs work.  It has the original gauges, transponder and mx11 radio. 
Asking: $28,000

I can be contacted by email at or Phone at (661) 877-0434. Taking Offers. (Serious Offers Only)

Phil O'Reilley

Phil O'Reilley
 N6428K   S/N 673

----- SOLD! -----

Completely Restored 1947 Republic Seabee

Aircraft TT 1049.2, Engine TSOH 153.8, Prop TSN 153.8. 

Nicknamed the “School Bus” and you can see why in the pictures!

Rebuilt from the wiring harness up. No costs spared in maintenance. Up to date on all ADs, Franklin B9F Engine overhauled by a very reputable shop. Mnay mods include: InterAv Alternator, Oil filter. Cleveland Disk Brakes, wing extensions w/droop tips, wide spray rails.

Reassembled with new control cables, hoses, interior, new panel, recessed fuel filler door STC, new belly and wingtip strobes, new antennas, new fuel pump, all new switches and breakers, new baffles, new tail wheel, overhauled hydraulic pump and pistons end-to-end. Automatic bilge pump & new piping to all compartments, all struts have new O-rings. LEMO and regular headset plugs for pilot and co-pilot for four place intercom with music input, dual PTT switches plus pilot yoke PTT, external power plug.

Panel: New custom powder-coated panel, All Digital EDM 930 STC Primary Engine Management System (RPM, MP, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Volts, Amps, OAT, Hobbs, Fuel Flow, Fuel Used, Full 6 cyl EGT, full 6 cyl CHT), Gear Position audible/visual warning system, new fuel quantity indicator, RCA 2600 electronic attitude indicator, PMA600B 4 place intercom with markers and music input, KX125 Nav/Comm with GS/LOC CDI, KY197 Comm, King KNS90B, Sandel 3308 Digital HSI, G-102 gyro, KMT-112 Flux Detector (wing mount), KT98 Transponder, 406 ELT, New Compass, every other panel instrument overhauled.

EXTERIOR: Paint is good – yellow/black. Glass is good with all new window gaskets.

INTERIOR: All rebuilt and refurbished, cabin interior and accessories repainted, 2X12 Volt outlet on floor, new carpet, light weight anchor with chain, fire extinguisher, new cargo storage area, calibrated fuel dip stick, 4 inflatable PFDs.

Flown on a weekly basis, she has only been operated on the lakes of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida and is based at Summerville, SC (KDYB). This is the best Seabee available in original configuration and ready to fly away!

Always hangared. 

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Asking: $62,500 and will deliver to buyer and give transition dual instruction for fuel costs.

Phil O’Reilly (484) 678-2600

Robert Raichle

 N6222K   S/N 425

----- SOLD! -----

Republic RC-3 1947. TT235 47hrs since restoration.

There aren’t many Seabees that have been restored and maintained to this level and far fewer are offered for sale. N6222K is one. Completed in late 2010 by Avian in Bremerton WA, it has been flown only 47hrs since then. Speaking from experience, there is no way one can one can buy a Seabee and restore it for this price. My loss is your gain. This Seabee has undergone a top to bottom, inside and out restoration. All surfaces have stripped, cleaned and painted. The bottom was removed, the wings dismantled and all control surfaces opened. Then the modifications began: IGO480 with a Simuflight conversion and Hartzell reversible Prop, extended wings, Cleveland brakes, auxiliary electric hydraulics, Southwind heater, Whelen Nav/Strobes, landing lights and many more. Virtually everything on this plane is new or like new.

Engine: Lycoming IGO 480 G2B6, Hartzell 3 blade reversible Prop new at restoration, Simuflight STC
Airframe: Cleveland brakes, Extended wings, Drooped tips, Auxiliary electric hydraulics, Southwind cabin heater, Landing light, Whelen Nav/Strobes lights, Flush fuel filler,180 degree doors, Bilge pump with multi compartment selector, Completely stripped cleaned and painted inside and out on literally all surfaces. No corrosion. All new hydraulics. All new control cables.
Avionics: All new at time of restoration. Terra Nav/Com, Terra intercom marker beacon, Electronic International, Bendix Transponder, All new wiring.
Interior: Beech Musketeer seats, Leather / Fabric interior, Headliner & carpet, Cabin lights.

Hangared at Crest Airport, Kent WA

Asking $125,000      Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3   Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6

Contact Bob Raichle (206) 295-9439


Jim O'Donnell
C-GIDE     S/N 335
----- SOLD! -----

Jim O'Donnell is selling his Seabee. Jim has had a recent serious medical issue and needs to find a new home for his machine urgently. Below is a PDF file listing all the modifications to this wonderful Seabee. If you have trouble reading it, let me know and I'll send you a different file.

PDF File description

Instrument Panel Photo

Asking: $160,000.00  Any reasonable offer will be seriously considered.

Contact Tony at:
Tony Jensen
Aero Dynamic Solutions
604-800-1826 PH
250-956-2233 PH/FAX
John King

King Seabee
N6218K     S/N 421
----- SOLD! -----
Super Bee for sale. Lycoming GO-480-B, 130 hours SMOH, "0" SMOH on Hartzell 3 blade propeller.
King KX-155, KT-76A, encoder, strobes, wide spray rails, tight hull, fresh annual, no salt, clean aircraft.

Hangared at Jack's Seaplane Base, Winter Haven, Florida.

Asking $78,000

Contact Jon Brown at (863) 956-2243 or

the owner at (863) 514-8900 or
Dave Willcock

Museum quality 1947 Republic Seabee RC-3 S/N 853 C-FKCB for sale

----- SOLD! -----

TTAF 699 hours and the Franklin -B9F engine has about 546 hours SMOH. Prop 99 hours SMOH (in 1999-due for inspection). Complete with extended wings, Daubenspeck droop tips, extended spray rails and many spares. It has always been hangared. It is the most perfect airframe you will ever find for an engine conversion. This aircraft is priced as an airframe, but could be flown with its Franklin engine. It has not been flown in several years, but is tucked away in a heated, dehumidified hangar. It has never seen salt water or been submerged and has all logs. Paint and interior are in excellent condition. $65,000 or best offer.

Contact or  Phone (519) 583-3316

Other Photos:  Pic 1    Pic 2   Pic 3

    N87493   S/N 44
----- SOLD! -----

Download the flyer here. Contact Amanda Ruhland at (612) 869-6778 or (612) 501-0224 or

Asking: $70,000 USD

Jean Hickman