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These are products especially for Seabee's. If you know of other products of interest to the Seabee owner,  e-mail us and we will add it to the list. Links to manufacturer's sites are listed as well.

Tell them you saw it on the Seabee Website!

Aircraft Components Inc.        Gear Warning Position Indicator

A gear warning system worth looking into. This is cheap insurance!
Bruce's Custom Covers   Bruce's Custom Covers

Seabee Covers available from Bruce's Custon Covers
Check them out here!
(408) 738-3959, or toll-free at (800) 777-6405 (U.S. and Canada)
Aircraft Covers, Inc
         DBA: Bruce's Custom Covers
18850 Adams Court

Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Fax: (408) 738-2729


Need a cover for your Seabee? Do we have a deal for you!
Bruce's Aircraft Covers is offering the Seabee Club members a 10% discount on Seabee covers. In addition they are putting the Seabee Club Logo on the side of the cover free of charge!  

Check the covers out here:

To place an order call 800•777•6405 or or visit us online at and enter in code: CLUB1
(when ordering online, use the code above and include the
Seabee club logo)
(ed note: I ordered a cover last year and am VERY satisfied with it! It is very well made and has a "fuzzy" side that contacts the windows so it won't scratch. It attaches very securely. You need one of these if you keep your Seabee outside even for a day or two. it is also very light; less than 5 pounds. Bruce's Covers has the Seabee Club logo but if you need help emailing the logo to them let me know and I'll help. Steve) 

Windshieds Windows

Got windows?

Great Lakes Aero Products, inc.

(888) 826-2043 ask for Dianna and tell them you saw it on the Seabee website!
The link above will take you right to the Seabee window page.

Member KC Ostronik recommends them highly. He says they are a pleasure to deal with and guarantee satisfaction. He has used "other" window companies with no guarantees and very hard to deal with.
Lake and Air
Home of the Gear Position Advisory System! STC'd for Seabees.
(Click on Logo)
All kinds of seaplane products!




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Updated April 28, 2018 (Added KC Ostronik recomendation for GLA windshields, Added Aircraft Components System)