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Mark just bought his Seabee in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He's fixin' her up and we should have a photo soon. Welcome aboard Mark!

N6652K     S/N 929
Mark Adema
Aero Club Como
Como Seaplane Base
Via Masia 44
22100 Como
+ 39 031 574495

We transported the aircraft to Italy in 2013 and we are now going to reassemble her with a zeroed engine. She will probably fly again in a couple of months. I will send pictures of the assembled aircraft at our seaplane base.
Kind regards.

Cesare Baj
Aero Club Como

Aero CLub Como
1740 Hammond Ct.
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304
(313) 368-7888 (business)

Our first Bee was N6444K which we operated out of Harbor Springs MI until it was destroyed in a hanger fire in 1992. In 1994, we purchased Bob Redners' fine Bee N6283K  (#496) and operated it until 2000 I believe.  It is now owned by Brigid Blasch and Gus Warren. Also in 2000, we purchased #60 which we are now restoring.  This airplane has a new registration number of N124AC.  We have more or less stalled out on the restoration and could use some help.  We are installing a Continental IO-470P  on this aircraft, which came out of a Lane Riviera.

N124AC    S/N 60
Bill Aikens
Stjarngossev 103 S
125  35  Alsvjo, Sweden 

Dan says, "I have been working on the restoration of my Seabee for five years and it may be five years more.

SE-AXM   S/N 467
Dan Ackerman
MICHEL ALLARD (Partner Dominic Taillon)
We are the new owners of Seabee serial number 417 and the aircraft will be based in St-Lazare Quebec in the western area of Montreal
366 Aumais

CF-FGW  S/N 417
Michel Allard

Michel Allard
Michael Alman
18595 Mienk Dr
Fruitport, MI 49415
(616) 846-3977

Michael Alman is an AP/IA and recently bought a Sea Bee with the Franklin B8F engine and would like to hear from others who have or had experiance with this engine:

"Dear Steve, thank you for your quick reply to my E-Mail.  I will be sending you some photos of the aircraft or what it looked like when I bought it and what changes I am making at the present time.  I will also get you the N number and serial number.  I do know Richie and he has done some work for me already, he just is not a fan of the B8F engine.  When I flew the plane home after I bought it, (about a 100 miles) it ran like a swiss watch, but every add I see in IRSOC has a B9F.  I would like to hear from anyone out there that might be flying this great bird with a B8F.  My Phone number is (616) 846-3977, E-Mail is  Thank you so much.  Mike"

UPDATE! with photos below...

"Hi Steve,
Here are some pictures of the Seabee project that I've been working on. It may seem like I have a lot of work to do yet but it's just putting back the interior and cowling up the engine, and, oh yes, tons of paperwork. Thanks again for your help and I will keep in touch. Feel free to use any of these pcitures for the club...


N6234K   S/N  437
Mike Altman
P.O. Box 361
Dorset, Ontario, Canada P0A-1E0
(416) 578-4427

Recently Glen flew his Seabee for the first time after restoration. Congratulations! It is now going to be taken apart and have the 'Robinson' conversion done along with some other interior changes. Way to go Glen!

CF-GZX   S/N 593
Glen Alton
37901 Ridge Rd.                   30751 Chardon Rd.
Willoughby, OH  44094         Willoughby Hills, OH.

Also, we have another Bee in the hanger,  N6323K, s/n 547
. We expect an August 'First Flight'!

N681CB    S/N 681
N6323K     S/N 547
Don Anderson

My name is John Andrus.  I am the step-son Art Holzinger.  He is the owner of a Seabee that is in need of restoration.  I have not confirmed it by looking at the actual airframe but according to the FAA and Steinar's website it is N6581K Ser#854.  It is currently in a barn in Maine.  I am currently at Ft Rucker in Alabama but I am retiring this summer from the Army and will be returning to Maine.  I hope to begin work in the fall or next spring (2015).  The aircraft has not been worked on since the early 80's.  I know they were in the middle of an engine conversion and restoring the aircraft when we moved to Maine from New York.  I can remember him telling me years ago the conversion was completed but that all the other restoration needed to be done.  I can remember bucking rivets in the cabin when I was a kid.  I have always wanted to see her fly again.  I hope to make it a reality.  Do you know of anyone with SeaBee knowledge in the Maine area?  There seems to be a few in Western NY.  I know that this Bee came from the Niagara Falls or Buffalo area when my father bought it in the 70's.

N6581K    S/N 854
John Nadrus
2001 Alexa Breanne Ct.
Las Vegas, NV  89117

I own Seabee s/n # 700, N6449K that I purchased about a year ago from Ron Lyall in Vancouver WA. It has the GSIO-480 conversion.

N6447K    S/N 700
John Anson

Read about the refurbishing here!

Check their website here
(Lower photo by Eric Fritz)

N6019K    S/N 189
AP Museum

Aquitaine Hydravions Aéroclub
633 avenue Jodel
40600 BISCARROSSE (France) owner of the seabee 421 F-HYSB
Thank's a lot.
Jean Luc Langeard Président.

F-HYSB (N6218K)     S/N 421
Aquitaine Aeroclub
(863) 698-0225

Mike has done a great job in refurbishing the old Bee! Notice the logo on the water rudder. Cool!

N6019K    S/N 189
Mike Araldi


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Updated une 3, 2020 (Updated Glen Alton address, Added Aero Club Como, Added Michel Allard)