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161 Park Avenue
Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada, L9N 1J5
(905) 853-2632 Home
(905) 955-0940 Cell

Recently Glen and John flew his Seabee for the first time after restoration. Congratulations! It is now going to be taken apart and have the 'Robinson' conversion done along with some other interior changes. Way to go John and Glen!

Update!: Glen Alton and John Galloway have put in about 800 hours into the transformation of their Seabee into a Robinson Seabee. They figure another 1000 hours or so. Keep up the good work guys!

CF-GZX   S/N 593
John Galloway
John Galloway
One Echo Ct.
PO Box 2831
Page, AZ 86040

New member, Robert Gear has purchased Jean Bilodeau's project. Keep us updated Robert!

N6047K     SN 222
Robert Gear III

N565CB  S/N 946
Mike Gilroy
(503) 922-0557 Home
(503) 678-5114 cell

N6755K     SN 1043
Gordon Glaister
P.O. Box 672
Corona Del Mar
California 92625

New member, Roger has a Twin Bee.

N123BR     SN 12

Roger Glazer

Lars says:

"It flew last in 1974 and the engine (FranK!) Blew up (no joke!) and it force landed in a swamp in town here. Joe McHugh had rescued it from Juneau AK, and took it to Seattle where he painted it. Then sold to a fellow in AK ( I am friends with his son, too!) and flown to AK where upon arrival here in town the engine blew up. McHugh had told the new owner to replace the FranK! right away but he tried to at least fly it home. When I got it it still had fuel and mud from 1974 !!! (No Joke!)
...Anyway, I been working on it a lot and hope to fly it this summer (been said by many!)"

Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

N6706K  S/N 989
Lars Gleitsman
New South wales, Australia

Ian is rebuilding a Seabee downunder!  Photo 1   Photo 2    Photo 3    Photo 4   Photo 5   Photo 6   Photo 7   Photo 8   Photo 9

VH-IRG (N6166K)  SN 354
Ian Goldie
100 Papa Joe Drive
Broussard, LA  70518
(337) 298-5141

I just bought Seabee projects s/n 537 (N6314K) and s/n 906 (parts plane) from Robert McCarthy of Texas (08-05-2018). I plan on doing a full restoration of 14k along with several Mods.  The least of which will be a turbine engine conversion (Allison 250 380hp) and also retractable sponsons along with a conversion to tricycle gear (fully enclosed) and STOL leading edge cuffs on the wing and multiple fairings.   I know I know I sound like a nut!!  Lol.  But I've been engineering and designing these changes for 13 years and am an A&P, have build 6 homebuilts (most award winners at Oshkosh and Sun&Fun).  I'm finishing up a 170B Restoration and will start in Ernest on the Bee right after.

N6314K    SN 537
N6633K    SN 906
Todd Goudeau

Todd Goudeau
President, Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
12425 - 149th street Edmonton, Alberta
Phone (780) 451-4242

Cell (780) 554-2470
Fax (780) 452-5079

Landon writes: "Hi there…….I am the proud new owner of Seabee ser# 663 …..N60CB……from the estate of Galen Tustison in California……
We are just working on getting the aircraft dismantled for trucking at the moment………
It should find its way up to my home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the coming weeks…………I hope to do a complete restoration over the next year or two…….just getting myself acquainted with all things Seabee…….
I’m looking forward to getting to know some of the Seabee gang…….you all look to be a good bunch of people…..
I would really appreciate any contact info for members who enjoy describing what it is like to own and fly a Seabee…..
Call or email any time if you need any info………

N60CB    SN 663
Landon Goudreau
44-365 Kaneohe Bay Drive
Kaneohe, HI 96744-2664
(808) 254-5242

Hey guys,

   I guess we need to update my member info for N6255K (462) now that it has been flying for over a year.  Take  your pick of the photos.  Also, many more can be seen at  If you prefer, you can use any of those you like.

   I have about 65 hours on it now, and it is running great.  Dealing with corrosion is a constant task; washdown after every flight, lots of ACF50, and paint touchups on  a regular basis.  Bob

(Ed Note: Bob lives in paradise!...Hawaii)

N6255K   S/N 462

Bob Gould
14328 Colonial Grand Blvd
Orlando, Florida 
No current e-mail

Chief Pilot for Cargo Airline at Kissimmee Florida,
Graef is also an I/A & A/P

N6438K   S/N 678
Ronald Graef
380 16th Avenue Pointe Calumet
Quebec, Canada J0N 1G1
phone no : (450) 623-1950

N?   S/N 952
Sylvain Grenier
22031 6 Mi Rd
Franksville Wi 53126
(262) 895-2948

As a Republic owner I have proudly owned SN 280, N6097K since I believe 1972 and have flown it for years. I flew for many years to and during Oshkosh air show and have seen some notoriety as the Republic kit under the Mach 2 name made in France has my N number as the American, have three flying bee's on the field (SN:
603, 285, 693 and mine 280), mine temporarily not included, after 25 years mostly stored outside she needs a good going through and will be hanger for the rest of my ownership which should be 30-40 years. I am owner/operator of the Cindy Guntly Memorial Airport in Wisconsin.

N6097K   S/N 280
Tom Guntly


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Updated August 7, 2018 (Added Todd Goudeau, Added Ian Goldie photos)