Franklin Engines


Below are the Service Bulletins issued by Franklin Engine Company (Aircooled Motors). These have been
re-written for easy reading. All files are Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. If you need Acrobat Reader® (free!), get it here.
If you know of other bulletins not listed here, e-mail Steve and it will be added to the list. There are also tips from
former Seabee owners that may make your Franklin easier to work on and keep running reliably. Thank you.

Thanks to Don Jones for making these bulletins available to the membership. Thanks Don!

    Tips for Franklin engine maintenance (Not Franklin Bulletins)

    Installation of VITON Push Rod Seals (George Pomeroy, January 1976)

    Bulletin and Service News Index (Thanks to Capt. Dick Sanders, Seabee Club International)

    Franklin Service News No.         Subject

               3                                Crankshaft and Camshaft Timing Marks

               4                                Cylinder Reconditioning

               6                                Factory Overhaul

             12                                Return of Engines and Parts

             14                                Exhaust Valves

             16                                Name Plate Replacement

             39                                Engine Overspeed                       

             40                                Motor Mount Bolts on 6A8-215-B8F Engines

   Franklin Service Bulletins
             16                                Use of leaded fuel
             40                                Replacement of Inlet Manifold

             42                                Auto-Lite Plugs

             44                                Loose Plugs in Inlet Manifolds

             47                                Engine Mount Bolt Lock Washers

             49                                Battery and Magneto Ignition on Franklin Engines
             50                                Cooling Fan and Starter Assembly Instructions

             51                                Fuel Consumption Chart @ 75% Power

             53                               Oil Level in Model 6A8-215-B8F Engines

             57                                Fan and Starter Gear Attachment

             57R                              Fan and Starter Gear Attachment (revised)

             58                                Checking Floating Oil Screen

             59                                (Revision of #58 above)

             59R                              (Revision of #59 above)

             60                                Conversion to Floating Bearing Assembly

             60R                              (Revision to #60 above)

             63                                Fuel and Lubrication Oil as Used in Franklin Engines

             66                                Fuel Pumps (AC Kit #RA-106)

             71                                Fuel Pumps and Drain Lines

             96                                Connecting Rod Bolt Nut Torque Limit


Updated June 23, 2015