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Federal Aviation Administration
14 CFR Part 39 [63 FR 63784 No. 221 11/17/98]

Docket No. 98-CE-108-AD; Amendment 39-10882; AD 98-23-01
RIN 2120-AA64

Airworthiness Directives; Parker Hannifan Airborne Dry Air Pumps, Conversion Kits, and Coupling Kits

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98-23-01 PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION: Amendment 39-10882; Docket No. 98-CE-108-AD.

Applicability: The following Airborne dry air pumps, conversion kits, and coupling kits, with flexible coupling, part number (P/N) B1-19-1, that:

1. Have a date code resembling a clockface on the coupling and indicating a manufacture date of either "12/97" or "5-6/98"; and

2. Are installed in, but not limited to, the following aircraft or engine models, certificated in any category, that are listed in the Appendix to this AD:
ItemPart NumberSerial Numbers
Dry Air Pump211CC2AP1 through 10AP319
Dry Air Pump211CC-91AP1 through 2AP5
Dry Air PumpE211CC11AN543 through 11AN642 and 2AP1 through 7AP442
Dry Air Pump212CW2AP1 through 7AP286
Dry Air PumpE212CW1AP1 through 7AP492
Dry Air Pump215CC12AN719 through 12AN940 and 1AP1 through 9AP3510
Dry Air Pump215CC-92AP1 through 7AP95
Dry Air Pump216CW12AN521 through 12AN660 and 1AP1 through 10AP2695
Conversion Kit300-14AP120 through 4AP122 and 8AP256 through 8AP258
Conversion Kit300-22AP30 through 2AP43, 4AP134, 4AP136, and 4AP137
Conversion Kit300-31AP1 through 1AP3
Coupling Kit3501AP through 9AP and N/A (see Note 1 below)

NOTE 1: Some of the part number 350 coupling kits incorporated serial numbers 1AP through 9AP, while others were marked with "N/A" in the serial number block.

NOTE 2: The affected flexible coupling was shipped from Parker Hannifin between January 1, 1998, and October 13, 1998. Dry air pumps, conversion kits, or coupling kits that were installed or modified prior to January 1, 1998, would not incorporate the affected coupling. This AD allows the aircraft owner or pilot to check the maintenance records to determine whether the dry air pump, conversion kit, or coupling kit was installed or modified since January 1, 1998. See paragraph (d) of this AD for authorization.

NOTE 3: This AD applies to any aircraft or engine equipped with Airborne dry air pumps, conversion kits, and coupling kits, that have flexible coupling, part number (P/N) B1-19-1. Aircraft or engines with the P/N B1-19-1 flexible coupling are affected regardless of whether they have been modified, altered, or repaired in the area subject to the requirements of this AD. For aircraft or engines that have been modified, altered, or repaired so that the performance of the requirements of this AD is affected, the owner/operator must request approval for an alternative method of compliance in accordance with paragraph (f) of this AD. The request should include an assessment of the effect of the modification, alteration, or repair on the unsafe condition addressed by this AD; and, if the unsafe condition has not been eliminated, the request should include specific proposed actions to address it.

Compliance: Required as indicated in the body of this AD, unless already accomplished.

To prevent failure of the primary dry air pump caused by defective flexible coupling, which could result in loss of primary attitude and direction references during instrument flight rules (IFR) operations, accomplish the following:

(a) Within 2 calendar days after the effective date of this AD or prior to further flight after the effective date of this AD, whichever occurs later, replace any affected flexible coupling with P/N B1-7-3 flexible coupling (part of Parker Hannifin flexible coupling kit, Airborne P/N 350) in accordance with Parker Hannifin Airborne Service Letter No. 48, dated October 20, 1998.

(b) If parts have been ordered from Parker Hannifin, but are not available, accomplish the following:

(1) Operate the aircraft in visual flight rules (VFR) conditions only;

(2) Operate the aircraft during daytime hours only; and

(3) When parts become available, replace the coupling prior to further flight.

(c) As of the effective date of this AD, no person shall install, on any aircraft or engine, any of the affected Airborne dry air pumps, conversion kits, and coupling kits, with part number (P/N) B1-19-1 flexible coupling that has a date code resembling a clockface on the coupling and indicating a manufacture date of either "12/97" or "5-6/98".

(d) The owner/operator holding at least a private pilot certificate as authorized by section 43.7 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR 43.7) may check the maintenance records to determine whether the existing dry air pump, conversion kit, or coupling kit was installed or modified since January 1, 1998. If the dry air pump, conversion kit, or coupling kit was not installed or modified since January 1, 1998, the AD does not apply and the owner/operator must make an entry into the aircraft records showing compliance with this AD in accordance with section 43.9 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR 43.9).

(e) Special flight permits may be issued in accordance with sections 21.197 and 21.199 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR 21.197 and 21.199) to operate the airplane to a location where the requirements of this AD can be accomplished, provided that:

(1) The aircraft is operated in VFR conditions only; and

(2) The aircraft is operated during daytime hours only.

(f) An alternative method of compliance or adjustment of the compliance times that provides an equivalent level of safety may be approved by the Manager, Chicago Aircraft Certification Office (ACO), 2300 E. Devon Avenue, Des Plaines, Illinois 60018. The request shall be forwarded through an appropriate FAA Maintenance Inspector, who may add comments and then send it to the Manager, Chicago ACO.

NOTE 4: Information concerning the existence of approved alternative methods of compliance with this AD, if any, may be obtained from the Chicago ACO.

(g) The replacement required by this AD shall be done in accordance with Parker Hannifin Airborne Service Letter No. 48, dated October 20, 1998. This incorporation by reference was approved by the Director of the Federal Register in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR part 51. Copies may be obtained from Parker Hannifin Corporation, Airborne Division, 711 Taylor Street, Elyria, Ohio 44035. Copies may be inspected at the FAA, Central Region, Office of the Regional Counsel, Room 1558, 601 E. 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, or at the Office of the Federal Register, 800 North Capitol Street, NW, suite 700, Washington, DC.

(h) This amendment becomes effective on November 20, 1998, except those persons to whom it was made immediately effective by priority letter AD 98-23-01, issued October 29, 1998, which contained the requirements of this amendment.

APPENDIX TO AD 98-23-01; DOCKET NO. 98-CE-108-AD
Part NamePart Number
Airplane/Engine Make/Model
Dry Air Pump211CC
Aerospatiale / TB9, TB10, TB20
Beech / 19, 19A, B19, 23, B23, C23, 24, A24, A24R, B24R,C24R, 76, 77, E95
Cessna / F152, FA152, 172, FR172K, R172K, 177, 177RG, FR182, R182, TR182, T182, T303, 336, 337, F337, T337G P337, FT337, 411, 411A, 421A, 421B, 421C
Grumman / AAA1B, AA1C, AA5A, AA5B, GA7
Lake / LA-4-200, 250
Maule / M4-210
Mooney / M20B, M20C, M20D, M20E, M20F, M20G, M20J, M20K
Navion / G, H
Piper / PA-18, PA18-150, PA-22-108, PA-23-235, PA-23-250, PA-24-180, PA-24-250, PA-24-260, PA-24-400, PA-28-140, PA-28-150, PA-28-151, PA-28-160, PA-28-161, PA-28-180, PA-28R-180, PA-28-181, PA-28R-200, PA-28-201T, PA-28R-201, PA-28R-201T, PA-28RT-201, PA-28RT-201T, PA28-235, PA-28-236, PA-30, PA-31-300, PA-31-310, PA-31-325, PA-31-350, PA-31P-350, PA-32-260, PA-32-300, PA-32R-300, PA-32RT-300, PA-32RT-300T, PA-32-301, PA-32-301T, PA-32R-301, PA-32R-301T, PA-34-200, PA-34-200T, PA-38-112, PA-39, PA-44-180, PA-44-180T
Rockwell / 100, 112, 112A, 112B, 112TC, 112TCA, 114, 114A, 180
Lovaux Ltd. / Optica OA7, Series 300
(FLS Aerospace)

Textron Lycoming / O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360, O-435, O-540, IO-320, IO-360, IO-540, IO-720, TIO-360, TIO-540, GO-480, GSO-480
Continental / O-300, GO-300, IO-360, TSIO-360, TSIO-520, GTSIO-520
United Aircraft / PT6A, PT6B
Dry Air Pump211CC-9
Cessna / 150, A150K, A150L, A150M, F150K, F150L, F150M, FA150K, FA150L, FA150M, 152, A152, 172, 177, 337
Textron Lycoming / O-320
Continental / C90-16, O-200
Dry Air Pump212CW
Beech / A23, A23A, E33, E33A, F33A, F33C, V35A, V35A-TC, 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, B55, 58, 76
Britten Norman / BN-2A
Cessna / 152, A152, 172, 180, 182H thru M, 182N and P, F182, R182, TR182, T182, 185, U206, TU206, 207, T207, 210, T210, P210, T303, 310P, 310R, 335, 340, 340A, 401, 401A, 401B, 402, 402A, 402B, 414, 414A
Helio / H295
Maule / M4-220
Mooney / M20K, M22
Navion / G, H
Piper / PA-31-325, PA-31-350, PA-31P-350, PA-34-200, PA-34-200T, PA-39, PA-44-180, PA-44-180T, PA-46-310P, PA-46-350
Textron Lycoming / LIO-360, GO-435, TIO-541
Continental / E-185, E-225, IO-346, O-470, IO-470, TSIO-470, IO520
Franklin / 6A-335, 6A-350
Conversion Kit300-1Cessna / 172A, 172B thru 172H
Piper / PA-22-108, PA-22-135, PA-22S-135, PA-22-150, PA-22S-150, PA-22-160, PA-22S-160
Conversion Kit300-2Beech / 35 thru S35, 35-33 thru 35-A33 35-B33
Cessna / 175 thru 175A, 175B, 175C, P172D, 180 thru 180H, 182 thru 182H, 185 thru 185D, 210, 210A thru 210J, 210-5, 210-5A
Conversion Kit300-3Cessna / 150, 150A thru 150H
Coupling Kit350Coupling kit may have been put on any of the above list airplanes or engines.

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