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Federal Aviation Administration
14 CFR Part 39
Amendment 39-2804; AD 73-23-01 R4

AVCO LYCOMING Model O-320 Series, IO-320 Series, O-360 Series, IO & HIO-360 Series, AIO-360 Series, TIO-360 Series, LIO-360 Series, GO-480-G1D6 Series, IGSO-480-A1E6 Series, IGO-540 Series, VO-540 Series, O-540-A1C5, -A1D5, -B1A5, -B2B5, -B4B5, -B2C5, -E4A5, -E4B5, -E4C5, G1A5 Series, IO-540-A1A5, -B1A5, -C1A5, -C4B5, -D4A5, -E1A5, -E1B5, -G1D5, J4A5, -K1A5, -K1B5, -K1C5, -K1E5, -K1E5D Series, TIO-540-A2B, -A2C, -C1A, TIO-540-J2BD Series, LIO-540 Series, IGSO-540 Series, TIO-541 Series, TIGO-541 Series, IO-720-A, -B and -C Series

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73-23-01 AVCO LYCOMING: Amendment 39-1738 as amended by Amendment 39-1825, 39-1984 and 39-2188 is further amended by Amendment 39-2804. Applies to all Lycoming series engines and all engines overhauled by Lycoming (also known as remanufactured) listed below and in Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 367F and in Supplement No. 1 for Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 367F.

O-320 Series L-6798-39A thru L-6815-39A

IO-320 Series L-4952-55

O-360 Series L-17389-36A thru L-17408-36A, L-17410-36A thru L-17427-36A, L-17429-36A thru L-17452-36A, L-17454-36A thru L-17479-36A, L-17481-36A thru L-17495-36A, L-17497-36A thru L-17500-36A, L-17503-36A thru L-17505-36A, L-17516-36A thru L-17518-36A

RL-523-36A, RL-2030-36A, RL-3933-36A, RL-7173-36A, RL-11169-36A, RL-16937-36A

IO & HIO-360 Series L-9409-51A, L-9410-51A, L-9415-51A thru L-9417-51A, L-9419-51A thru L-9427-51A, L-9438-51A thru L-9453-51A, L-9455-51A, L-9457-51A thru L-9498-51A, L-9500-51A thru L-9517-51A, L-9519-51A thru L-9564-51A, L-9566-51A thru L-9616-51A, L-9618-51A, L-9620-51A thru L-9640-51A, L-9642-51A thru L-9651-51A, L-9653-51A thru L-9713-51A, L-9715-51A, L-9716-51A, L-9718-51A thru L-9768-51A, L-9770-51A thru L-9774-51A, L-9776-51A thru L-9826-51A, L-9828-51A thru 9848-51A, L-9850-51A thru L-9930-51A, L-9932-51A thru L-9962-51A, L-9964-51A thru L-9995-51A, L-9997-51A thru L-10090-51A, L-10092-51A thru L-10113-51A, L-10115-51A thru L-10249-51A, L-10257-51A thru L-10261-51A, L-10263-51A thru L-10273-51A, L-10279-51A thru L-10281-51A, L-10284-51A thru L-10290-51A

RL-191-51A, RL-591-51A, RL-595-51A, RL-702-51A, RL-776-51A, RL-778-51A, RL-955-51A, RL-993-51A, RL-1267-51A, RL-1272-51A, RL-1435-51A, RL-1481-51A, RL-1515-51A, RL-1642-51A, RL-1769-51A, RL-1845-51A, RL-1847-51A, RL-2143-51A, RL-2227-51A, RL-2249-51A, RL-2464-51A, RL-2476-51A, RL-2508-51A, RL-2562-51A, RL-2629-51A, RL-2672-51A, RL-2923-51A, RL-3048-51A, RL-3113-51A, RL-3195-51A, RL-3235-51A, RL-3318-51A, RL-3344-51A, RL-3392-51A, RL-3427-51A, RL-3464-51A, RL-3540-51A, RL-3573-51A, RL-3738-51A, RL-3832-51A, RL-3868-51A, RL-3974-51A, RL-4787-51A, RL-4960-51A, RL-5082-51A, RL-5085-51A, RL-5652-51A, RL-5685-51A, RL-5751-51A, RL-5824-51A, RL-6331-51A, RL-6345-51A, RL-6350-51A, RL-6417-51A, RL-6469-51A, RL-6623-51A, RL-6652-51A, RL-6693-51A, RL-6724-51A, RL-6744-51A, RL-6950-51A, RL-7043-51A, RL-7201-51A, RL-7357-51A, RL-7422-51A, RL-7475-51A, RL-7806-51A, RL-7852-51A, RL-7886-51A, RL-8000-51A, RL-8354-51A, RL-8872-51A, RL-9611-51A, RL-9812-51A

AIO-360 Series L-165-63A thru L-171-63A

TIO-360 Series L-112-64A thru L-115-64A

LIO-360 Series L-440-67A thru L-480-67A, L-487-67A thru L-512-67A, L-514-67A thru L-537-67A, L-545-67A thru L-591-67A, L-593-67A thru L-632-67A, L-634-67A thru L-648-67A, L-650-67A thru L-655-67A, L-660-67A

GO-480-G1D6 Series RL-288-37, RL-482-37

IGSO-480-A1E6 Series RL-829-44, RL-1258-44, RL-1508-44, RL-1509-44, RL-1518-44, RL-1586-44

IGO-540 Series L-320-49

VO-540 Series L-2280-43, L-2281-43

RL-343-43, RL-376-43, RL-456-43, RL-485-43, RL-522-43, RL-564-43, RL-691-43, RL-694-43, RL-846-43, RL-849-43, RL-1125-43, RL-1148-43, RL-1186-43, RL-1333-43, RL-1452-43, RL-1571-43, RL-1700-43, RL-1731-43, RL-1828-43, RL-1900-43, RL-1913-43, RL-1929-43, RL-1931-43, RL-2041-43, RL-2125-43, RL-2142-43, RL-2208-43, RL-2224-43, RL-2245-43, RL-2269-43, RL-2275-43 thru RL-2279-43

O-540-A1C5, -A1D5, -B1A5, -B2B5, -B4B5, -B2C5, -E4A5, -E4B5, -E4C5, G1A5 Series L-15062-40, L-15063-40, L-15108-40, L-15117-40, L-15132-40, L-15133-40, L-15161-40, L-15221-40, L-15222-40, L-15225-40 thru L-15227-40, L-15242-40 thru L-15249-40, L-15297-40, L-15300-40, L-15304-40 thru L-15320-40, L-15322-40 thru L-15367-40, L-15372-40

RL-1040-40, RL-1207-40, RL-3330-40, RL-6768-40, RL-7670-40, RL-9416-40, RL-10859-40, RL-11312-40, RL-11377-40, RL-11420-40, RL-11862-40, RL-13058-40, RL-13637-40, RL-14194-40

IO-540-A1A5, -B1A5, -C1A5, -C4B5, -D4A5, -E1A5, -E1B5, -G1D5, J4A5, -K1A5, -K1B5, -K1C5, -K1E5, -K1E5D Series L-10118-48 thru L-10122-48, L-10124-48 thru L-10127-48, L-10144-48, L-10145-48, L-10209-48, L-10213-48, L-10221-48 thru L-10260-48, L-10263-48 thru L-10267-48, L-10303-48, L-10304-48, L-10306-48 thru L-10308-48, L-10317-48 thru L-10320-48, L-10398-48, L-10459-48, L-10487-48 thru L-10546-48, L-10548-48 thru L-10562-48, L-10564-48 thru L-10569-48, L-10571-48 thru L-10584-48

RL-113-48, RL-622-48, RL-918-48, RL-1170-48, RL-1606-48, RL-1640-48, RL-2015-48, RL-2050-48, RL-2210-48, RL-2271-48, RL-2276-48, RL-3610-48, RL-3614-48, RL-3732-48, RL-4057-48, RL-4103-48, RL-4506-48, RL-5778-48, RL-7116-48

TIO-540-A2B, -A2C, -C1A, TIO-540-J2BD Series L-2412-61 thru L-2414-61, L-2416-61 thru L-2419-61, L-2489-61 thru L-2498-61, L-2501-61 thru L-2503-61, L-2550-61, L-2557-61, L-2562-61, L-2566-61, L-2567-61, L-2572-61 thru L-2583-61, L-2585-61 thru L-2588-61, L-2590-61, L-2591-61, L-2595-61 thru L-2597-61

RL-122-61, RL-226-61, RL-759-61, RL-771-61, RL-1263-61, RL-1268-61, RL-1346-61, RL-1488-61, RL-1679-61, RL-1683-61, RL-2189-61

LIO-540 Series L-102-68, L-105-68, L-109-68, L-113-68 thru L-117-68, L-125-68, L-128-68 thru L-130-68, L-147-68 thru L-152-68, L-154-68, L-155-68


IGSO-540 Series L-3060-50, L-3061-50, L-3070-50, L-3071-50, L-3074-50, L-3085-50 thru L-3087-50, L-3090-50, L-3093-50, L-3094-50

RL-315-50, RL-518-50, RL-528-50, RL-821-50, RL-1014-50, RL-1100-50, RL-1151-50, RL-1174-50, RL-1216-50, RL-1517-50, RL-1558-50, RL-1591-50, RL-1682-50, RL-1694-50, RL-1700-50, RL-1773-50, RL-1788-50, RL-1821-50, RL-2003-50, RL-2157-50, RL-2187-50, RL-2385-50, RL-2479-50, RL-2543-50, RL-2604-50, RL-2907-50

TIO-541 Series L-866-59 thru L-873-59

TIGO-541 Series L-343-62 thru L-352-62


IO-720-A, -B and -C Series L-505-54, L-506-54, L-508-54 thru L-529-54, L-532-54 thru L-538-54, L-540-54, L-541-54, L-546-54 thru L-549-54, L-551-54 thru L-554-54

Compliance required within 50 hours in service after the effective date of this AD, unless already accomplished.

To prevent piston pin failures resulting from grinding cracks which occurred during manufacture, comply with Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 367F or equivalent procedure approved by Chief, Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, FAA, Eastern Region.

The manufacturer's specifications and procedures identified and described in this directive are incorporated herein and made a part hereof pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(1). All persons affected by this directive who have not already received these documents from the manufacturer, may obtain copies upon request to Avco Lycoming Division, Service Department, Williamsport Pennsylvania 17701. These documents may also be examined at the Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, Federal Aviation Administration, Eastern Region, Federal Building, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jamaica, New York 11430. A historical file on this AD which includes the incorporated material in full is maintained by the FAA at its Eastern Region Headquarters.

Amendment 39-1738 was effective November 1, 1973.

Amendment 39-1825 was effective May 1, 1974.

Amendment 39-1984 was effective October 10, 1974.

Amendment 39-2188 was effective April 30, 1975.

This amendment 39-2804 is effective January 13, 1977.

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