Airworthiness Directives

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Federal Aviation Administration
14 CFR Part 39
Amendment 39-4405; AD 82-13-01

Airworthiness Directives; BENDIX: Applies to Bendix Engine Products Division's S-1200 Series Magnetos

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82-13-01 BENDIX: Amendment 39-4405. Applies to Bendix Engine Products Division's S-1200 series magnetos which have green distributor blocks and do not have the letter "R" metal stamped on the identification plate as described under "Identification" in Bendix Service Bulletin No. 613.

Compliance required as indicated unless already accomplished.

To reduce the possibility of magneto and engine malfunction resulting from loose distributor block bushings, accomplish the following:

(a) Comply with the inspection, replacement, and identification procedures outlined under "Detailed Instructions" shown in Bendix Service Bulletin No. 613, dated April 1981, or later approved revisions in accordance with the following schedule:
Less than 1000 hoursInspect within the next 25 hours in service and every 25 hours in service thereafter, unless replaced with new "Gripper Bushing" distributor block.
1000 hours or more but less
service than 1900 hours
Inspect within the next 100 hours in service unless replaced with new "Gripper Bushing" distributor block.
1900 hours or moreReplace the distributor block with new "Gripper Bushing" distributor block within the next 100 hours in service.

Any distributor block discovered having a loose bushing must be replaced before further flight.

(b) If compliance with Paragraph (a) reveals the distributor block to be contaminated with brass filings or bronze colored dust, inspect the engine as follows:

(1) Observe engine pistons through spark plug holes for evidence of burning.

(2) Check valve dry tappet clearance per engine manufacturer's instructions.

If piston damage or lower than specified dry tappet clearance is present, the engine must be inspected and maintained in accordance with the engine manufacturer's instructions for continued airworthiness.

Make an engine log entry of each compliance with Paragraph (a) including the magneto serial number.

Equivalent means of compliance may be approved by the Chief of the New York Aircraft Certification Office, ANE-170, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), New England Aircraft Certification Division, Federal Building, JFK International Airport, Jamaica, New York 11430. As permitted by FAR 21.197, aircraft may be flown to a base where maintenance required by this AD can be accomplished.

This amendment becomes effective June 28, 1982.

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